MAGNUM ICE eating sounds | ASMR | whispering [vegan]

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hello fellow lovers,
if you don´t know what ASMR is –
google is only one click away 🙂
for me it is a great tool to come out of my head and
gain an inner peaceful, calm, relaxed state of being.

making this is new for me, so any tips and feedback to make this
the most enjoyable for you are highly appreciated.

may the love be with you

your silvia x




나연ah says:

I've been watching a few videos from this very very nice girl and
Why do I get the vibe she's swedish?

Sherlock says:

Dein englisch ist so gut !

Sherlock says:

I‘m vegan and love this ice 🍨 😻

Valeska Munay says:

I just wanted to subscribe, but then I saw you've got 44 subscribers at the moment 😅 And now I'm kind of hesitant to destroy that great synchronicity haha! 🔮✨ 4s are definitely with you 🙌🏽 Also, I really did enjoy your ASMR videos so far! It's like a little time out and very relaxing 💛 Keep on doing what you're doing 🦋

Ines Barreteau says:

this is a very relaxing asmr , i don't know if you take requests so i ask here : can you do a asmr organizing papers with ripping papers for the papers you don't need to keep , and for ripping papers can you do in natural speed (no slowing) please , i'm sorry if i make mistakes i'm french 😊

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