Creamy Leek and Potato Soup – with no cream!

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Learn how to make leek and potato soup the fast and easy way with this fun video.

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Music: Johnny Ripper – Audrey
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Kiwi Flickerwhirl says:

Making this now for dinner 😊 smelling lovely 😊

fully charged says:

Just made this. Who is taking up cooking cause of lockdown?

Julia And Kaylee says:

This is amazing! Love that this video is short! I so appreciate it! We are making this Leek soup next week! ❤️❤️❤️

Money Maker says:

Lol the intro. Got a like straight away.

I see the matching greenery also.

Catcha cabbie says:

How long do you cook it for and do you bring to boil then simmer?

zaki moulen says:

You don't looking good chef …the way how you catch the knife so funny hhhhh

Rokkiteer says:

Man, your leeks are crispy fresh. The cutting sound is so satisfying:)

James Anderson says:

No chit-chat, just a straightforward and informative demonstration, thank you!

Mashwe Hla says:

I hate to give negative comments, it is very different from the classic L &P soup, and it is not a good idea to use the skin on potatoes, the bay leave as one mentioned below should have been removed before you blend it

Trevor Regay says:

you are kind of cute….thanx for the recipe!!

Moti Bahmanian says:

What was the purpose of frying if you do not wait?

Moti Bahmanian says:

Why you do not use the green part of the leak?

Ben Cawley says:

Invest in a microphone, there’s a lot of echo!

Lumi Nariel says:

Thank you! I was looking for a cream-less recipe!

EnigmaAgent says:

I'd smash ya back doors in after a bowl of soup and a bun.

Paul Gibbons says:

Put a hand full of rice in as you boil it all up. The rice will over cook release starch when you blend it up makes the consistancy like you used cream.
Jamie Oliver trick 😉

GunMasterG9 YT says:

You are the best

Jacqui Underdown says:

I know this sounds silly, but can you freeze this?

Ron Cooke says:

Good video but i prefer to wash it before you chop much better to see you have got it clean. you can chop and and wash it a second time like your video

berry more says:

Many people commented about the bay leaves. I believe she didn't blend those in. Notice the video cut between the chuncky and creamy soup, i think those leaves have been removed.

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