Super Simple Leek Soup!

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b pavilion says:

It tastes really good, but I am not a fan.

Kimberly Pohlig says:

Thanks for this recipe ladies!!! Quick question…. Can I use chicken broth/stock instead?

Mary Brumfield says:

Looks good im trying to stay away from potatoes

Paul Heinrichs says:

There are always two types of soup eaters it would seem: to blend or not to blend. You might appreciate experimenting with vermouth in your soups. Plus you can easily make dry martinis while you cook – that is if you run out of wine to drink; the most essential secret ingredient 🙂 Nice vid

Margaret Campbell says:

Thank you both for a very tasty recipe 😊

Margaret Campbell says:

Well done ladies

Ezio Augustus says:

you guys only made one video? lol

Justin La Rosa says:

You guys are adorable. Made this at home, delicious

Yonnea says:

Hello ladies. Get yourself a stick blender. That way you don’t have to transfer the soup to the blender and you can blend it while it’s still cooking in the pot.

Totino says:

looks very good. Thanks for the soup!!!!

bahram bahram says:

Why did you waste so much of the white part of the leak? Just cut the roots off)))

Aria Angelical says:

by sauce you mean stock right?

Bismillah Rabbani says:

Happy to see that you use the greenest part of the Leek too. I think most of the nutrients are in the dark part of it. Thank you for the recipe.

Levi wonder says:

Do you have to blender it?

george waite says:

What is salancho ?

rijay 333 says:

From all the recipes i found on youtube for Leeks soup recipe this one it’s the most healthy and very simple. Gonna try it tomorrow Thanks

Dontcha Know says:

As a chef I have to tell you that you are wasting way too much of the leeks. You only have to remove the very end by the roots. Just enough to remove the hairy looking roots. NOT the whole white part. Great Recipe though !!!

escope1959 says:

Thank you. Really good tips. I'm using them as we speak. You're awesome!

Witchy Earth Rabbit says:

Yay!! Finally a soup that doesn't require potatoes!!!

GLR says:

Yummy! Just made it and tried it, Thanks ladies!

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