5 VEGAN Weeknight Dinner Recipes

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Welcome to More Salt Please! The vegan cooking channel where I teach you how to make some of my favorite foods. I love showing people how easy and tasty living a vegan life can be. Expect to fall head over heels in love with healthy eating when you become part of my YouTube tribe. I share recipes, kitchen tips, interviews, vlogs and collaborations with some pretty amazing people.



Luisa Moore says:

Glorious eyebrows!

Gina Melissa says:

WAIT! So you just put the whole squash in the instant pot and did a  'set it and forget it'?!?! Ok, going to need more instant pot vegan recipes . thanks!

Deen Cat says:

Can u please provide recipes on no oil no salt as I am trying to go all the way in the ultimate healthy way of vegan. Thx in advance

Letty Rincon says:

I love love love your recipes!!! I been following you for a few months. I am not quite Vegan yet but have started a plant based diet. Any tips you can share with me? I been eating lots of lentils, rice, avocado and potatoes lol but I find it kind of hard to use veggies

marylee vargas says:

what flavor is the better than bouillon? beef, vegetable, or chicken?

patty 8873 says:

It’s a good thing I watched this. I just bought that Trader Joe’s frozen gnocchi but haven’t made them yet. I would have just followed the instructions.

Lizzy Turner says:

That curry looks soooo good and those bowls wow

Elie Barbar says:

ahhh im hungry now lol they all soooooooo goooooooooooooood

molly roberts says:

Your makeup looks AMAZING…like, girl you are glowing. Can we get a makeup routine?!

Kelly Lorang says:

Great recipes!!! I can't wait to try the cashew gravy!

Momtoellie says:

All of these recipes look amazing!! And
I’m Totally going to start cooking my spaghetti squash in my IP! Why did I never think of that???? Lol

Brenna Hickman says:

These are all super unique recipes, I’m so excited to try them!!

Bobbie Lohrey says:

YUM! So glad you are posting more. LOVE your channel 😉

Emily G says:

Put the gnocchi in air fryer. It’s life changing. Oil free as well

Vegan With Love says:

Uuu looved these😍😍✨

Sandra Camp says:

Food looks good, I assume all the veggies are non-GMO and organic.

Daniela Renee says:

yaaaaaas, can't wait to try these!

Felicia Bühner says:

Looks delicous 😀 im really happy that i found someone who isnt afraid of oil and salt

Lauren J says:

that mushroom sauce looks so freaking good, it looks like it would be good for green bean casserole also during the holidays!!! also are those raw cashews? and which better than bullion did you use? i have the faux chicken one on hand. thanks, love your videos!!!

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