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This classic episode of the PBS Chinese cooking show Yan Can Cook features tasty dishes from Shanghai. Feel free to substitute the pork in Pork-Stuffed Cucumbers (1:04) for the meat of your choice (“Chicken, beef, nobody cares!”). The cucumber can also be substituted for bitter melon or fuzzy melon.

Martin flexes his legendary chopping skills while creating Drunken Chicken (9:57). The episode wraps up with a sweet dessert treat – 8 Treasure Rice Pudding (17:45).

Come for the food, stay for the comedy! Chef Martin Yan is always in fine form.

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Yan Can Cook, Episode 212, 1985.

*About Yan Can Cook*
After receiving his formal restaurant training in Hong Kong, Chef Martin Yan immigrated to Calgary, Canada where he was asked to appear in a daytime news program to demonstrate Chinese cooking. The rest, as they say, is television history. In 1978, he launched the groundbreaking Chinese cooking series ‘Yan Can Cook’ on public television. Infused with Martin’s signature humor and energy, Yan Can Cook has gone on to become a global phenomenon and has won multiple James Beard Awards.

See what Martin is up to now on his website: https://yancancook.com/home/
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Slayer Runefrost says:

Those aren't plums or prunes, they're apricots

inn news says:

Martin Yan is Julia Child of Chinese Cooking to Millions of Americans

Cardboard Stacker says:

I didn't know Yan had a show like this. Thanks for making it available.

Robert Loyd says:

I watched him when I was younger and learned how to make noodles, but I didn't keep up on making them. I wish they would rebroadcast the series, or as a visual library on DVD.

tinadgr8 says:

Wow, I remember watching this show when I was a kid along with The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross 💭

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