David Blunkett's Shepherd's Pie – Gordon Ramsay

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Season 4 of 6 of The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and celebrity cooking brigades.

David Blunkett and Gordon Ramsay prepare their own versions of Shepherd’s Pie.


Astaroth Raven says:

I can’t see where we are going here

Greg Palenschat says:

I'd like to see the conclusion of this but every youtube channel that has it says it is not available in the US.

Benjamin Szymanski says:

JESUS CHRISt amazing

maxzL says:

At first, I thought he was looking at the ceiling but then i released he was obviously disabled and face palmed xD

Chan nel says:

I'd totally like to see this exact setup again, except with Gordon Ramsay blindfolded.

Bran Flakes says:

Where are the results?

davisx2002 says:

leave it to gordon to pistol whip a blind kid

theomega616 says:

typical politician, telling a professional how to do their job!

futtocks23 says:

should have hit him with the steak mallet gordon this scumbag got a terrorist released only for that terrorist to carry out a suicide bombing in mosul after collecting a million pound from the british government in compensation agreed by the same people who want to ban donald trump from the uk the traitorous scumbags

dodobobby says:

David looks like a chameleon

Andrew Jackson says:

…that guy is fucking blind… WTF

Sam Chappell says:

"David Blunkett's Shepherd's Pie"

– strawberry cheesecake

Misisipi Mike says:

Damn, think of the mental capacity it takes to deal with Gordon and keep track of all the cooking while blind.The vast majority of us regular fucks can barely chew gum and tie our shoe at the same time.

Gabriel Moors says:

What was the result of this ? Can't find the vid

Andrew Hoffman says:

Good thing the youtube comment section isn't in braille.

Feathers McGraw says:

I feel bad but he looks happy so that makes me happy

James Aston says:

Gordon shouldve took the pan away for a laugh and see if he noticed

Feras Al Hati says:

It's amazing he can cook regardless of his disability…

rjh2464 says:

Always have 2 bottles of Henderson's in the cupboard. NEVER run out of Henderson's. Life wouldn't be worth living without Sheffield's finest relish

Lucas says:

Even thought I hate this guy, I still feel sorry for him or anyone else with a disability.

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