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In the year Napster music streaming service debuts, and there was a full total eclipse, Jamie shows us one of his absolute go-to classics, fish pie, in the airing of The Naked Chef!
This is an ultimate Jamie Oliver recipe that you simply must try if you havent already, stands the test of time even after 20 years. In terms of comfort food, fish pie is up there with the rudeboys!

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Tonya Scarlett says:

Just look at baby Jamie!!!😀😀😀 And he's aging like a fine wine.

Lucas Lemonholm says:

Yo this is a wonderful recipe and Jamie is awesome but the cinematography makes me feel like im going insane

kolo6791 says:

Eeeeeeej OLVIER!!!! Why don't you wash spinach!?!??!?!?!!??!

Farida Akhtyamova says:

Gosh he is so young

Hejia Han says:

I see no fish head stick up on it. DISHONOUR

انا وماما في المطبخ me with Mama in the kitchen says:

l like that wow

Margarita Quiroga says:

What do you eat this with? I'm trying it tomorrow

Mike Phillimore says:

Looks good "yeh"

cooliosfx says:

I lost count of the amount of times friends made this exact fish pie for dinner when Jamie's first book came out. Just watching the video takes me back to great times with great friends…

Amos Ho says:

He talks like Ali G

Simon O says:

Ah, the young Jamie. His first two books are the best ones he's done. I still use them nearly 20 years later.

Sandy Perez says:

Why is fish pie not a thing in America!!?? We need to get acquainted with savory pie game… an not just chicken pot pie.

tinybaza says:

back when he couldn't shaft his staff by bankrupting his business.

caddilac19 says:

take that gordon…u ass

Rafa INGLÉS says:

I'd rather add mayo instead of or with the mustard. But careful, like custard, avoid curdle.

Melanie Dsouza says:

Jee! He looks sooop young😱😱

Martin Kerr says:

that looks amazing! What a fun show, groundbreaking at the time in its style and personality. Still very watchable today.

sailorashore says:

Living on the continent yet "I will leave the UK if Brexit wins the vote" Jamie ?

Ade Wale says:

You did NOT make a ROUX for your White Sauce.

معرفه معرفه says:

I like your all recipes it is an old video

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