Alkaline Spaghetti Sauce | Vegan Spaghetti | Dr. Sebi Inspired Recipes

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Here at home, we are making spaghetti today! This spaghetti is a very simple meal made with love. In this video I will show you my chunky tomato sauce where I add onions, sweet red peppers, and mushrooms to some blended tomatoes. We add some zucchini on top and this is a family favorite. Savory and comforting. Please subscribe and join us each week for videos. Have a great day!


Time To Vent - TV says:

LOL kids you have to love them

Johnny Grimes says:

Can I share on my Facebook page ?

DiamondGyrl06 says:

I tried this tonight and it was DELICIOUS!! Thanks 😊


Pete the Cat was the Best Part 🤣 but it looks so Delicious. I'm gonna be making more dishes as soon as I finish Dr Sebis Cleanse and I'm preparing mentally and checking out different Alkaline recipes! Thank You Alkaline Mom! 😃😃👍👍👍

Adwoa Morning Star says:

Thank you. I needed that. I made it and it was delish.

Erica Love says:

Whew you are beautiful love your locs ❤️

Chiehni Chen says:

I’m kinda worry about your shirt! Very close to the fire… love the recipe!!!im gonna try tonight!

Rita Brown says:

Beautiful recipes! Thank you! ❤️

Deborah Parker says:

Oh I wanted to see you plate this!! Looks good tho 👍

Ant Beezy says:

Thank you for the recipe. I already made mine last night and it was pretty good. Just need it thicker

Chef CharP says:

Well thanks 4 sharing..

Chloe' Latrese says:

I love how you made it simple and easy with ingredients I can easily buy ❤️

Gail Jones says:

Looks good!

Bj B says:

So adorable. Thank you for the video me and my baby are going alkaline slowly but surely. We have cut meat next cheese then we can be 100% alkaline

Margemallowz says:

Hello are you following Dr. sebi’s food list? ☺️

Simply Sheri says:

Great recipe I have a veggie bullet so I actually turned my zucchini into the pasta because I couldn’t find the kamut pasta… but the sauce came out great

Lillie Grandberry says:

Your demonstration was easy to follow! Thanks for sharing! 😋

StrawberryPirates says:

You helped make our dinner tonight! Your recipe was easy to follow and make! It smells sooo good and it tastes amazing. ❤️

Home Grown Spanish says:

That looks yummy! I can't wait to try it.

MouthGuardComic says:

Wow, this would be a great meal after a BJJ class!

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