Lemon Rice Soup | Raw and Vegan

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A old family favourite, traditional Greek Lemon Rice soup raw vegan style! I hadn’t had this soup in well over a decade so had my mom, the OG lemon rice soup master, taste it for authenticity… and its a win!
Hope you enjoy it, peep the full written post here http://therawadvantage.com/2017/06/lemon-rice-soup-raw-vegan/

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But most of all
enjoy much

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Adriana Gurlita says:

Making this tomorrow!!

SOFHAB says:

This looks beautiful and delicious! This will be part of my Thanksgiving menu next week for sure, thank you! <3

Jeanna Chebat says:

Dude, you're hilarious. Thanks for the recipes.

Raw Vegan Ginger says:

EPIC! I used to love this soup 🍜 as a kid 😍

Leandra Mulas says:

magic <3

Elena Ioan says:

Oh men…! I can almost taste it!!!! When I was a kid, my Mom use to make a lemony rice soup as well!! We called it "à la Grec" (Greek style)… Oooooh! It definitly was my favorit. This, and borsh soup as well… Hmmmmmm!

MOHaNi MataHri says:

nice concoction! lemon nice soup!

radicalaccounting says:

Looks hearty, like a good winter meal !

Lucy Lynch says:

Love it, keep up the good work:)

Jan P. López says:

I approve ! 😊.

Alexandra Gerbey says:

oooh my God! i should try this right after finish my water fast. :-O

Amanda Shelnutt says:

I love your videos, I'm always laughing. Awesome recipe. Thank you for sharing 💜💜

William Uhl says:

This looks awesome Chris! Thank you 🙏

Fruity Ronster says:

great…how about more simple soups

Melanie Howes says:

Is your Mum Greek? it's just "Soupa avgo lemono" is a traditional greek soup made with egg lemon and rice and apart from other eastern European country's wasn't aware other's had anything similar!

Blythe Aurnia Nadur says:

Sounds really good!
Also, cauliflower toots!!! hee hee hee

Briana Bergeman says:

Does it bring back good memories? Looks yummy!

Alexandria Addison says:

First time ever hearing of a lemon soup recipe before! That would be interesting!

momo 53664 says:

Looks so delicious . Make more recipe videos 😂

Taai02 says:

I'm in the kitchen making your epic pizza for the first time. Can't wait to taste it tomorrow!! This recipe looks yummy too!!

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