Mission Impossible: Will This Meatless Cheesesteak Pass the Test?

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After testing out the impossible burger a few videos back, my mind officially started to wonder what else is possible with the impossible… The first thing that popped into my head was putting it to the test in a Philly cheesesteak!

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Nancy Nazario says:

Haha. At first glance your onion cutting board looked like wooden steps to me. I couldn’t imagine what those tiny steps were for. Lol then my perspective changed.

Miguel Diaz says:

He said 2 hours I’m too hungry for that bro

rc08zzr600 says:

Imposible fajitas.

Christy C says:

I don’t know if anyone else noticed but I laughed when i realized he’s using a rice cooker paddle to stir those onions. Lol

Lamad Yarah says:

Soylent green is PEOPLE!!!!

Amethyst Jean says:

wow good job. A vegan would never have such a small container of nutritional yeast lol.

Umm Yusuf S says:

If vegans hate meat so much, why are you guys always trying to cook stuff which looks like it ??? Looks yummy though… 🙂

sp10sn says:

Be certain to ask vegetarians if you've made a good cheese steak… XD

Felicia Claye says:

I think they burnt because you left a reflective stainless steel pan on the lower rack which caused the to be hotter than you wanted it.

Angela Carr says:

What kind of mixer is that??

Grégoire Senneville says:

I love this, I'm no vegan but being allergic to eggs I had to take an interest into alternative…

I just ended up spotting something: Dude is using eggs, butter and milk in a "vegan" cheese steak sandwich!! 🤣

Jeff marshburn says:

Just beCause you can doesn’t mean you should. Lol

Melting Hero says:

Why is there random knocking audio in this video?

Crowded House says:

Was anyone else confused at how that brown cashew paste suddenly became bright yellow cheez wiz?

Crowded House says:

"It's up there with Pat's and Geno's." Lmao
He doesn't realize he was just insulted. Lol

Callum Harris says:

Let steak proof for 2 hours

Michele says:

The short clip shows: A Philly, cheese steak made at Jim's on 4th & South ST. @ 2:18

Alex K says:

hurr durr you're not a rEaL pHiLaDeLpHiAn if you're not an eXacT rEpLiCa of me

Calvin Rogoski says:

Love the music

Origin TM says:

Gave a vegetarian milk😳

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