Lea & Perrins SORTED food – How to make the Italian classic Spaghetti Bolognese

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SORTED food and Lea & Perrins team up to show you how to cook the Italian classic, spaghetti bolognese.

The SORTED guys make this Italian meal their own by featuring a splash of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce to enrich the classic sauce.

Ben and Jamie create the rich bolognese sauce by combining tinned tomatoes, a large glass of red wine and four tablespoons of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce which helps create numerous levels of flavour for the dish.

For this ultimate version of a family classic which everyone loves click HERE: http://www.leaandperrins.co.uk/Recipes/Spaghetti-Bolognese

Or follow the recipe below:


1 onion
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
2 cloves of garlic
5 chestnut mushrooms
A small handful of pancetta cubes
Beef mince (500g)
1 tbsp of tomato purée
Chopped tomatoes (400g)
1 glass of red wine
Beef stock (200ml)
4 tbsp of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Dried spaghetti pasta (350g)
A handful of Parmesan, grated
A few sprigs of fresh basil, chopped

Step 1: Fry the pancetta in a pan with some oil until it browns and crisps up.
Step 2: Add the mince and brown
Step 3: Add the diced onion, carrot, celery, garlic and mushrooms, then stir well.
Step 4: Coat everything in the pan with the tomato purée and cook for a few more minutes.
Step 5: Add the glass of red wine and beef stock and let it bubble away until reduced by half.
Step 6: Add the chopped tomatoes to the pan along with the Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce.
Step 7: Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer gently for 45 minutes.
Step 8: Boil a pan of salted water and add the pasta to cook for 8-10 minutes.
Step 9: Arrange the spaghetti on a plate and scoop the Bolognese over the top. Scatter over some chopped basil and parmesan then enjoy.

Serves 4

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Derek Dsouza says:

The mistake i feel with the videos, you have to make a dish with least ingredients and lea and perrins should be the main ingredient

Z says:

the magna carta , the Beatles , the Jaguar E type , Lea & Perrins ……….please keep them coming

Hannah Plas says:

Why does the title say it's the classic Italian bolognese and then they say in the video it's the British twist?

James Pawson says:

Spaghetti Bolognese is extremely popular/traditional in Canada too– but most Canadians refer to this whole dish as "spaghetti," and have no idea what the word "bolognese" means. They refer to spaghetti pasta itself as "the noodles." It's very, very difficult to convince hosers to try it on any other kind of pasta.

I kind of hate living here.

yuni sara says:

pastas and meat sauces😀😀

kay warnes says:

A Dash? I have a Bottle per Spag Bol 🙈

George Askew says:

Nothing on Hendersons relish. 

Judy Ann Dewitt says:

omg yay! I also peel the stringy bits off the celery high five

Jim Gall says:

4 tablespoons of L&P – that's more than a dash!

Milagros Huang says:

I would really like to see Jamie taste the banana with lea and perrin's sause

Ana Young says:

this looks amazing going to make it on sunday, great video 

blacktulip says:

That looks super good >_<

Nick Jim says:

tinned san marzano tomatoes is also best for tomato sauces.

smileitslizzy says:

Omg I saw this ad on 4od and I turned to my friend and said omfg it's sorted food 😀

Musing on Beauty says:

Lovely recipe. Absolutely not Italian at all, though. 

MrJoKo2014 says:

I decided to make this with  more veg and it was magnificent. Perfect warming dish and an excellent rendition of Bolognese. Delicious job guys

Who's That Girl? says:

Always use Lea & Perrin's in bolognese. It's a must!! 

Shelley Holmes says:

I always use Lea & perrins in Bolognese although i think i overdid it tonight lol

FrankiiDoodle says:

How long do I cook bolognese for? Mine is on the plate the minute it's cooked XD

Supa Nova says:

Who cares if its made the traditional way or not…if it tastes good, make it and eat it! No need to be anal about recipes

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