ROASTED VEGETABLE FRITTATA | easy healthy frittata recipe

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A vegetable frittata is close to the perfect meal! It’s loaded with veggies, packed with protein and healthy fats, and works well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This would be a great recipe for Easter, Mother’s Day or to add to your weekend meal prep.

In this frittata, I am using zucchini, peppers, and onions but feel free to switch up the veggies, and use whatever you have on hand (leftovers work great!).

Make sure to watch my video on how to to make apple chicken sausage and lemon blueberry oatmeal cups if you want to turn this into a full meal.

Roasted Vegetable Frittata Recipe:

Apple Chicken Sausage:
Blueberry Lemon Oatmeal Cups:
Arugula Salad:

9×13 White Baking Dish:
Santoku Knife:
Rimmed Baking Sheet:
Glass Bowls:
Glass Measuring Cups:
Storage Containers:


Striped Sweater: from Abercombie no longer available πŸ™
Charm Necklace:
Hoop Earrings:

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Greg Basham says:

Great recipe. I changed a few ingredients but the basic approach from you was clear and easy to follow. I like how you get right to the point and show it quickly! Best looking frittata out there.

dba3304 says:

FYI, "chickens wandering" is a marketing ploy. NO chickens are allowed to "wander" as they did in our grandmother's yard.

John Cardillo says:

In high school

D N says:

…And 4- More humane treatment of chickens. That's the most important part you left out.

Joluone Onejoly says:

12 eggs ? Time to use ? How long we able to use this frittata from fridge? If one person eat this "frittata" in 3 days from fridge,this min that this person eat 4 eggs per day?

Nunnie Bunnie says:

This is so yummy. I cooked mine with broccoli instead of zucchini, either way, I'll definitely be cooking this again. Thank you, Dani πŸ‘

Crystal Thomas says:

Look at those colors so beautiful ! Lol

Lila Feldman says:

Pasture raised eggs: the chickens have friends, and they play well with others.


i wish that i could have a nice kitchen with a complete equipment

Sonia Wilson says:

Thank you so much, I just made one and it tastes delicious!! I wish I can upload a photo πŸ˜…

Patricia Scott says:

So good, yummy. Thanks

Katherine Sampson says:


Ludmila Ioudina says:

Talk too much

ARELAε½° says:

Thank you so much for your gorgeous healthy yummy dish 🌸🍷❀️i loved it πŸ¦‹

Jacob Zimmerman says: this is the best recipe on youtube and fitting for the time right now!

Swati Bhatt says:

Easy, Nutritious dish with so many veggies. Wonder what can u add instead of milk or can it b avoided altogether?

Monika Kalaitzidi says:

looks nice,easy and deliciouuuus πŸ™‚


Thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to break my fast this beautiful Sunday

AmalaPrakash says:

Would you add mushrooms?

Penny Porta says:

i made this…delicious thank you

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