Vegan vs Professional Chef: Can I Make Their Italian Pasta Dish Vegan?

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I was invited to challenge a Professional Chef to make a vegan version of Pizzoccheri; a traditional Italian dish. Watch as we use vegan substitutions to make this vegan Italian dish taste and smell like the traditional recipe. Thank you to Stelvio, an Italian restaurant in Toronto, for hosting me and letting me work with their Executive Chef Andrea Tranzillo, to create a Vegan Pizzoccheri recipe 🙂

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Edgy Veg says:

Now the real question…Should I do this again?!

XX says:

Unfortunately stelvio hardly has any vegan options 😞 I was excited when I saw this vid

Evan Lee-Ferrand says:

Candace this was an amazing video thank you for your enthusiasm !!

Cookingwithlove says:

This is a great video awsome collab

Plant Mom says:

Okay so i made this for my non-vegan family and they loved it. Like my mom texted me when she tried it, just to tell me how good it was. Also, i added some thyme and ist was great. Perfect for fall🍂Thanks🍂

Oy Deekoi says:

Oh god this one hits close to home 😭 It’s my all-time favourite dish. Much love from northern Italy ❤️❤️❤️

makeda barning says:

The chef 😍😍

Coral Otero says:



He's hot. 😊

Rhiannon H. says:

The "Just" brand/ violife cheeses are SO GOOD!! Tastes like "real" cheese to me! 🤷‍♀️

Behind The Curtain says:

As an owner of a vegan restaurant this brings happiness to my heart that chefs who try and avoid vegan options in the restaurants can now see that this is not a fad and will not go away being that people want to still come to the restaurants that they love and support the community that they're in while still being able to eat the food with vegan options

Felicia Peppers says:

My question is what cheese did you use!!!♡

flafluflie Yulriko says:

Oh~ I am so happy! (*´ ︶ `*)

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete says:

Well… doesn’t THIS look delicious?!😏❤️

sethorlando says:

Wow that is a beautiful man that chef 😍🤤

Pamela Magdanz says:

Chef is hot!

terry r says:

That looks amazing. I would love to know what brands of cheese those are. I have a hard time picking good vegan cheeses.

kickthespike says:

That looks so delicious! Also, easy to make

chelleshauteseat says:

This chef is fineeeee!

You two would be a gorgeous couple.

Black Vegan Queen says:

I need him stop talking and stop licking his lips because…… 😭😍😜❤

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