5 Quick & Easy Comfort Soups | Vegan, Paleo

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There’s nothing as comforting as a warming bowl of homemade soup during the cold nights of winter. Or, if you’re like my family, any night of the year, really. My kids are a big fan of vegetable soup, so I make a huge pot at least a couple of times a week. Not only is it a great comfort food, but it’s good for you and, depending on how you prepare it, it can be a complete and filling meal.

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NutritionRefined says:

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adrian andrews says:

Can I just use full cream and peacon nuts with the veggies, and not broth?

Joyful Paradise says:

Petra i tried the cream of mushroom and loved it. I think my husband doubted me for a second when i told him theres no dairy. I used almond milk as the base from your recipe and it turned out great. I even forgot the wine but it still tasted great. I added a little apple cider vinegar later when i finally remembered. Will try the tomato soup next. You’re such a great instructor and your videos are high quality and so easy to follow and most of all healthy. And love the last part of your show — the Tanner taste taste. (Have to give him his props too. Lol). In all honesty, its very helpful to hear his input.

Lily rose Lebanon says:

What blender do you have it’s amazing

Alex W. E. says:

Great video. Why do you peal the skin off the tomatoes and peppers?

Rendy Leuwol says:

In every video text is given. So that people who can't speak English and people who can't hear can understand.

Elena Lupusor says:

I have just made the broccoli soup for the first time and I am so thrilled!! It’s amazing. I have made toooo much cashew cream, do you guys have any suggestions in what other food I can use it? Thank you so much!!

Chiquita Belle says:

I can't wait to try these recipes. When I recommend your channel to others, I tell them that every recipe of yours that I have made myself is always delicious. I so enjoy listening to your husbands remarks and descriptions of the flavors.


this video is so awesome thank you very much

DoRight says:

Petra, will potatoes work as a replacement for the cashews?

college grad says:

I love my vitamix!!!!! It is so powerful!!

Flaming Basketball Club says:


Faiza Al-Talaq says:

Thanks a lot. Would you please make a video of how to keep your cast irons seasoned well? Best oil to use & often you should do it & how to clean after each use? and how to clean up your oven after seasoning?

JoJo W says:

My non-vegan husband LOVES the mushroom soup. I can't wait for him to try the other soups. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent with us.

jeenjeanjeen says:

Fricking tanner could go on and on with his commentary 🤣

Som Thing says:

QUESTION: Cashews are great and go in everything but that turns into a problem. If it's in the soup, cheese, cake and milk (among others), could we be in danger of over-consuming them. Not to mention the amount of calories that come with them.

Linda Ferrell says:

I just printed all of these recipes, but I cannot find the tomato/pepper soup recipe. Am I just not seeing it?

Maria João says:

So interesting see how other cultures make soup. I am portuguese and our soups are so simple. Usually a “vegetable soup” is basically what legumes you have at the moment like: 1 onion, 1 garlic, 2 potatoes and 2 carrots, just cooked with water salt and olive oil. Delicious. Of course we have our tradicional soups like “Caldo Verde” but the base is always the same: onion, garlic and potatoes, cooked in water. We don’t even have vegetable broth in supermarkets so common as in USA, for example. Love your recipes 👌🏻 just wanted to share some of my Portugal 🇵🇹

Boklu Sultan says:

I loove your energy and your recipes, keep it up !

Joseph Joseph says:

Hot avocado in soup 🧐😷 otherwise all fab!!

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