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Hey guys I love fried cauliflower wings buffalo wings or whatever they’re called….cauliflower in batter then baked or fried. It’s so easy to make and a right treat. It’s funny how much it looks like fried chicken and the rugrat loves them.

There are many different ways to make them. However, I thought I would film me cooking them for anyone who needed a little inspiration. I hadn’t intended too, however, I found they tasted even better when I double dipped them and loved the extra texture that adding panko crumbs brought.

Not the healthiest meal but if you can’t have a treat every now and again then whats the point.

Enjoy and any questions let me know below.

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Regina Hanson says:

Thank you. I need to try this. ♡

Ki Ku says:

This is an amazing recipeeee 🥺❤and YOU SOUND JUST LIKE GARNET FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE!! 🌌

shareejl1 says:

Tried this and it was not good. One dip would have been better

Shine2018 says:

London Afro!!! What a great job .. who would have thought…Cauliflower!!! It came out really, really good.. THANK YOU!

Bleaky Finders says:

Guestimating cooking is always the best way.

Robin Stone says:

Any idea how to rescue my soggy cauliflower bites ??

Antoinette says:

Some chips made in the oven their a bit blah but who cares…… best line ever!!! You are soo funny. You made this recipe look so easy I am making it for a potluck

BiggJern says:

What’s the best oil to fry them with?

xrach wellsx says:

these look incredible. 100% making these soon. been totally binge watching your channel the last couple of nights and it really relaxes me. i love how you are so chilled and make things that look simple yet tasty. xxxx

only ethical says:

I've just been sitting here eating potato chips from a bag and binge watching your recipes. You make everything look so simple!! I have to try these out. Last time I tried I failed haha but I shall enlist you as my guide to vegan greatness <3

Ms Meena's Happy Life says:

These look delish! Where did you get your little "spider" from? The thing that you take them out of the oil with?

Nappy Scribe says:

Very good video! Just wish you would have shown how to double dip in the batter, other than that thanks for posting!

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

I like ranch dressing.

Mellonee Edgeston says:

Looks delicious 😋

Charlene F says:

Do you think I could bake these rather than fry them I know the texture wouldn't be the same it's just I've ran out of oil lol x

flower child says:

these were so good!!!!

Plantbased EmpireTV says:

I know I'm trying to cut back on fried foods but I can do eat these and be ok😛

brianaaimee says:

Whoa! These look amazing! Going to make these for dinner right now!! Thanks for the inspiration! I have a channel to, sometimes vegan sometimes happiness 🙂 check it out :$

Eloise Elliott says:

Hi I love chicken tenders and I can't find any vegan ones do you know what brands do them vegan (quorn does veggie ones but I want the vegan ones) btw I live in the uk

Priscilla MacCarthy says:

Been wanting to make these for the longest! Deffo gonna pop to tesco tomorrow. You make vegan uni life a dream!

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