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Lovely people, get ready to be blown away by this amazing Potato & Fennel Al Forno. It’s got everything you’d ever want; gorgeous maris piper potatoes, fresh fennel, tangy parmesan and the best cream sauce ever, ramped up with herbs and anchovies. It’s so good, we’d eat it on it’s own.

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angeline158 says:

You always makes cooking looks effortless!

Bella Haas says:

💝💝💝💝💝👍🙏👍🙏🖐👏👏👏really amazing !!!

Annemarie Howard says:

..Anne so are you James
We'd have you here any day you want to in my own personal older persons homeso you are invited to cook or put your Pete. Tup. Bring Jools the kids🤩

Geordie InCA says:

Hi Jamie, I’m a Geordie living in California. Left UK in 1986, yep, to Perth, Australia, then on to Socal. Blessed but work my ass off, USA is no joke. I want to ask if you could please once in a while help the overall general public with a plant based recipe, preferably SOS free. Please for the love of God give people something tasty and healthy with no oil, sugar or salt! Everyone is overweight! Happy to post our skinny pics if needed.

Fran NSh says:

As if anyone needs meals with double carbs when we are locked in our homes.. 🔐🙄

Irma Sanchez says:

hola deliciosa comida muy buenas recetas gracias por compartir sus recetas

Violet-Sunrise says:

Isn't 8 cloves too much?

Ohui gor says:

Mm just made it. Was bored not knowing what to cook for dinner came for inspiration. Didn't have double cream so replaced with evaporated milk basil and oregano and it taste so so yummy. Thanks Jamie

Shelly Stone says:

I’m making this right now, but I’m not IM NOT peeling a single potato, and sans anchovies, not because I don’t want it, but because I forgot it. It will be fine 🙂

Joan Howan says:

I salivate every time I watch Jamie cook!! Thank you for all the inspo!
Would you consider adding a link for the Jamie cooking utensils and other items you use. Cheers and keep posting the mouth watering recipies 🤗😁😍

Dennis R. says:

What is the thing after that onion in German ? 🙊

nielame keksliebe says:

Jamie obviously never worries about calories 🙂

Roger Wohlgenannt says:

´🐷älper makaronen

Roger Wohlgenannt says:

´🐷älper makaronen

Roger Wohlgenannt says:

🐷älper makaronen

Italian Food Boss says:

Not too bad Jamie. Where is the Pecorino?????

Zog118 says:

So I just did this recipe and why did my milk solids sepersre from the water in my baking dish??

Boris says:

Hi Jamie, I made it as you did, bit the milk and cream-mixture has clotted. What did I do wrong?

I agree with you says:

Ooh, fennel. Wasn't even on my radar. Good call.

Gareth Houston says:

Does anyone else feel it might be a wee bit under seasoned? There's only a bit in the cream mixture and aside from that none. Or is that ok? Haven't tried it yet

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