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Full recipe for breakfast fritters and caribbean inspired lunch plate:


Hello lovely people,
I hope you are all well! It’s such a strange time in life at the moment and it’s very hard to know what the right thing to do and share is in light of the current global crisis due to covid-19. I decided to make a what I eat in a day video focusing on cooking with pantry staples as the first video to share since I understood the magnitude of the crisis we’re currently in. It might seem trivial but I know many of you like this type of video and I wanted to provide some entertainment and value in terms of cooking inspiration of some sort in these trying times for many. I hope you like it and feel it’s appropriate still. Wishing you all well!

Malin x

Instagram: https://bit.ly/2GMzmXo
Webiste: http://goodeatings.com/

Music: Epidemic Sounds

Rachel Ama’s Caribbean Feast: https://bit.ly/2J55JBE
Jerk seasoning recipe: https://bit.ly/2UnLKmU


Freya P says:

I have found my new favourite channel. You're recipes are amazing. You're videos are amazing, I could watch all day! And actually, today I am! Wishing you well

NMJ says:

Your videos are very well done! Do you have someone who videos you?

NMJ says:

I bought a bag of chick pea flour at the Indian market and I really didn’t know what to make with it, so I’ll give your recipe a try! Thank you!

thealiceftw says:

Gud vilka underbara recept. Tack <33

U KU says:

I love your cooking đź’•
You're a really good cook!🥺
✨Please take good care of yourself✨

Luisa Moore says:

For chickpea flour, you can swing by an Indian grocer and look for “gram” flour; or a health foods store (in Aus)

Macarena.G says:

Hola Malin! thanks for the video! Stay safe! love from quarentined Buenos Aires.

Cat Brodeur says:

Rachel Ama!…I love that you watch her too. You both are two of my favorite channels…thanks for adding a little joy to my morningđź’š

louise harris says:

What tea do you drink?

louise harris says:

Thank you, great content and very soothing background music

Manon J says:

Hello and thank you for your beautiful videos! Is the baking powder very necessary in the breakfast pancake recipe?

Lilly Pollan says:

Love your content, thank you you’re lovely

annadayl says:

Great video. Sending hugs from Belgium. 🙂

Joanna Pascual says:

I've just tried the caribbean rice and beans and it was absolutely delicious !
Thank you so much for all your videos.
Lots of love from France 🙂

eekns says:

I have everything for the fritters except the toppings. I have chickpea flour because I watch vegan recipes and buy some ingredients then forget where I saw the recipe. I have brown rice flour and a huge bag of fenugreek seeds and I forget where the recipes are.

The Winningest Duo says:

Her voice is so calming https://youtu.be/i8Iw5DwElwA

antonia handlechner says:

Such a beautiful, calming video. Thank you!

Kenzieisawkward says:

This video is so unbelievably soothing and beautiful . Which is exactly what I need throughout the chaos the worlds been in . I’m in the U.S, Minnesota specifically and were in lockdown. So thank you . This is the first video of yours I’ve ever seen and I’m definitely subscribing now ❤️

Jane Bute says:

Yes, I have to turn off the news also. By the way, the green beans and spinach look absolutely delicious. Oh, the pleasure of greens !

cathleen mcdonagh says:

First time watching you. Just put me at such ease with a mixture of your cooking / music presentation and calming of your voice. Just needed right now to relax with everything going on and feeling alot of pressure to cook good healthy meals with everything I have at hand to not going out due to our countries lockdown and just in general not wanting to leave unless completely necessary. Instead of enjoying food related videos I have found myself panic watching them with a high energy of stress and anxiety in trying to make food I have at hand buy my family (including 3 year old son) will eat and enjoy and not waste while I have a eating disorder and food phobias which unfortunately I cant just snap out of even given the current situations and instead seems to be fuelling it. But I have found myself enjoying this video rather than mentally panicking do I have these ingredients if not what can I swap out ect. So just thank you. Much love from Scotland.

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