Is veganism a WHITE privilege?

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Mostly Rice and Some Beans – Eating Below the Poverty Line



Poor vegan communities in so called third world countries you say , r surviving but r they thriving ? You offer just statistics but no actual specific communities r shown nor interviewd in your video to offer real facts. The privileged need to stop speaking for the poor. Some communities dont have fertile land so they breed cattle n survive on the meat , blood n milk, or some communities r plant based but go without food a couple of days a week. It takes a set of requirements for vegan success , such as accessability to free or affordable food , clean water , family , community , fertile land , local farms n local farmers markets. Privileged lazy ignorant western vegans who get their food in the store n dont know how to grow their own food nor can survive in the outdoors need to keep their colonial mouths shut about the colored poor around the world. Western colonialism is the reason why there is cruel mass animal farming, genocide , poverty , disappearing forests , gmo foods n enviromental problems. Hunters from hunter gatherer indigenous communities arent the problem . Address colonialism n all these problems, including animal rights violations will dissappear.

Irina Gay Grau says:

More videos with this topic please! They're very important to change de way veganism it's seen🙌

mike young says:

Is Veganism racist ? No . There are snivelers and whiners in all races , this weirdo is an example

Anon Anon says:

3:35 – Mmm Cassava is one of the best foods

Anon Anon says:

Superb video dude

Vampira Mayhem says:

I have been a vegetarian for almost 13 years now. I am living in the UK below the poverty line and have been lower working class all my life, being on and off of Universal Credit for several years due to health issues. Being vegetarian and staying healthy is very difficult in my position. Where I live, vegan food IS exclusively a very middle class hipster thing and the basic alternatives to dairy are extremely expensive. I am already anaemic and malnourished trying to survive day to day on an unhealthy meat free diet, so trying to go completely vegan is just impossible for me.

FalloutYogi says:

Hello! Fellow vegan here, but I have a question. You spoke about grains being fed to livestock instead of human animals, but what about the claims that they are inedible to humans?

Michael Citrenbaum says:

Asian privilege. Highest earners in the United States

rudyarude says:

Veganism is a political statement against the consumption and killing of animals, and being able to choose what you what to eat is a privilege in it self. People who eat a plant based diet because of not affording to eat meat are not vegans and do not automatically adhere to vegan ideals. A large majority of the worlds population don’t eat meat simply because they can not afford it, it’s not a political statement against the killing and consumption of meat. To be able to make a conscious choice of what kinds of food one wants to eat is a luxury afforded to people who inhabit developed countries where capitalism usually is the political system, there for it is in a certain sense, aspects of white privilege in regards to this question. This also applies to the question of which sorts of food people in impoverished areas eat, in most cases they will choose the foods they afford which in western societies often is calorie dense food made with animal proteins. So being able to choose both political views and what food to eat is a privilege afforded to western societies where the majority of people are white which makes veganism white privilege.

Jeffrey Carfagna says:

Great distinction! Vegans number one value are the lives of sentient beings. When I first went to a plant based lifestyle it was for health. Not at first for animals so at that point my value wasn't exactly Vegan, but When I woke up from my ignorance and came to the realization I'm a Vegan first and plant based second. If my only choice is a piece of meat or potato chips I will eat the chips, knowing it's junk but not worth the death of a sentient being!

Seven spit says:

Bruh if someone is not vegan why vegans always have the need to tell you whats wrong with eating meat? We know that its just we dont give af , why cant vegans just be vegans for them selfs ? I will never understand!

mike arasta says:

You are all bones in 2019. Look

Santa Konakciu says:

Great job!! 😉

leo lupo says:

OMG load of BS ….. poor people want meat .. so we will force grains on everyone

Linda Bertram says:

Amazed people consider this. Actually you can eat more cheaply on a plant based diet.

GarudaLegends says:

It is cult.

Truth Hitman says:

What people don't like to talk about is the amount of racist people within the Vegan community. It's sickening 💩

Josh Nicholson says:

Missing the point that the poorest countries just eat rice and are malnourished…

Justin McDonald says:

I was a Peace corps volunteer in Rwanda for 3 years in a very rural village and 99% of the villagers diet was vegan already. The 1% as you said was the wealthier ones, because they actually believe that if you eat meat it’s a sign of wealth. They had an abundance of fruits and vegetables, beets, cabbage, carrots, cassava leaf, peppers, green beans, potatoes, avocado, mango, papaya….I can go on and on. It just proves your point that veganism outside of the “western trend” goes hand in hand with poverty, which is quite ironic. Great post, thanks as always for all you do brother ✌🏻💚

Cygnus X-420 says:

7:137:24 🔥🔥🔥

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