Trekking & Things to do in Bhutan (Documentary in 4k)

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Explore Bhutan with me in this documentary as I take you trekking & show you the best things to do in Bhutan!
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As a Wanderer for G Adventures I got the chance to travel around Bhutan to explore monasteries, fortresses, temples, the food, traditions, even the nightlife and with that develop a deeper understanding of the culture. In combination with a proper 4 day trekking adventure in the Himalayas along the Druk Path Bhutan simply blew me away.

With this video I give you an introduction to traveling and things to do in Bhutan, I explain why the Bhutan visa has such a high price tag and why it is only possible to explore the country on a tour. I take you with me on the demanding Druk Path trek and show you around all the major sights in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro including the hike up to the popular Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Use this video as your Bhutan guide in order to help deciding which tour you want to take and/or which sights in Bhutan you want to explore yourself!

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All Things to do in Bhutan as shown in this episode:
– Druk Path Trek
– Paro Dzong
– Punakha Dzong
– Tigers Nest / Paro Taktsang
– Jele Dzong
– Memorial Chorten Thimphu
– Buddha Dordenma
– Archery Ground Thimphu
– Royal Takin Preserve
– Institute for Zorig Chosum
– Dochula Pass
– Chimi Lakhang monastery
– Kyichu Lhakhang

–About my Cooperation with G Adventures–
For many years I was searching for a suitable partner who offers tours in South America which align with my style of traveling as well as my values. After many meetings I’m glad I found this partner with G Adventures who offer many adventurous tour packages for travelers like me…but who also care about the environment and local communities in order to execute sustainable tourism. I forced this cooperation because I like the products and the philosophy of the company. Nevertheless all opinions, recommendations and views are my own.

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BackPacker Steve says:

I'm soooo excited to share my travel experience in Bhutan with you and I wanted to do it in a proper documentary in order to understand this country – that's why it took me so long to produce this one 🙈This trip was in April. I'd also like to point out that a part of India was cut out in the process of the Motion Design of the map, so the border was shifted – I'm sorry for that (but the focus of this video isn't India, I only wanted to include it to see the neighboring countries), it was not meant to be offensive!

RedandBlue says:

I can tell that Larry is from newfoundland by his accent 🙂

G–TeN xttri says:

Wow! Thank you sir, love from Bhutan.

karnatakam Rajesh says:

wow what a beautiful country. It is only carbon negative country in the world. Liked the video very much.

Rohit Jamwal says:

One dislike for showing the wrong map of India.

Lissa Maria Jacob says:

My house is a house of prayer

Mizanur Rahman says:

Although Bhutan is known as toxic free country but they use different kind of toxic materials for cooking and eating food. For example : aluminum cookware, plastic plates and glass etc.

Ana Kaiwai-Esler says:

That’s so fantastic, this is now on my bucket list.

Yeshi Dendup Tenzin says:

Yeah! Larry is alright.

sandip pramanik says:

Nice to meet you Sir. Amazing video. Speaking style is really fantastic.
Carry on, Sir.
Thanks Sir

Gabriel Traveler says:

Amazing video Steve, such a beautiful and fascinating country.

Alien Dude says:

The land of thunder dragons. Country in which people are living the life instead of surviving like the rest of the world.

Nishantha Jayasekara says:

wonderful awesome its really nice



Huynh Mai says:

what a peaceful and comfortable country. I actually love this place and hope to have an opportunity to visit or stay there in a while. Bhutan is great!

Alberto Franco says:

Yo quiero ir!!!!!

Alberto Franco says:

Me encanto es hermoso !!!

ram kumar sunuwar says:

nice visit.

Gaurav Sarwan says:

I am rejected your Google maps India is superpower Indian army world 2nd largest army

Rhea Venus says:

Amazing Bhutan 🇧🇹 ❤️

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