1 WEEK TO GO until Veg book is out! Cooking live from the from the book. Pre order Veg now!

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John Matrix says:

Desperate bandwaggoning in a bid to stay relevant.

Sinisa Sumina says:

Ok, please work on the vegan or whole food plant based recipes more. I know it is a smaller audience but if you want to promote some healthier options (dairy isn’t a healthy thing with all the hormones and antibiotics plus other nasty stuff) crowd would appreciate and think more on what is in their plates. Turn that vast library of recipes into vegan versions. Long time fan here

Lynn Hughes says:

I guess he waited 8 years because eating less meat is more popular than ever and with veganism on the rise, he can cash in now.

Frances Perlins says:

Just bought book today for my daughters birthday she will love it just love he his cook books

Zack Zebrowski says:

So inspiring for the people who are afraid of cooking like this at home. The food system in the US struggles in comparison to other countries. It’s slowly slowly changing, but finding fresh produce or eggs that don’t look pale yellow is very difficult. It’s frustrating for an aspiring cook! If more people had this train of thought, it might go better over here in the US. It’s so sad that fresh products are so difficult to track down, especially when they’re staples in other countries. Keep spreading the importance of fresh food in your life!

Petronella James says:

Jamie, all your books are on my cookbook shelves. And I have all the DVDs. You're a treasure. Tell your Mum I'm jealous of her.

Tia says:

Your recipes are crap pal

i puki says:

Hey Jamie and Crew,

I (m19) learned Cooking from 2 people, my mother and you . And you two made me Love it!

One question: i‘m so in Love with all Kinds of mexican Food, like tacos, burritos, ceviche and all that. But even if i managed to be able to cook pretty solid right now, im doing hard with that topic..
Are there any Plans, recipies, Tips you got?

I feel like there Is unlimited potential, different combinations for fillings and different sauces to make..

I Love what you are doing!

Greetings from Germany,

Alisha Naranjo says:

Best of luck with your book, Jaimie!

Jessica Smith says:

Love me some Jamie Oliver!

Sugar Lump says:

Love from Trinidad and Tobago ❤

mongango says:

Pero sin mantequilla ni chorizo verdad !!

Sophie Bertrand says:

Where can we get this shownis it an app? Or netflix or on food network?

Astra Dunsby says:

Please make a book solely based on salads

Lifeofasandwich says:

What's the difference between the veg book and the ultimate veg book?

Nicole Johnson says:

Would love to see you write a full on vegan book! There are some amazing menus out the now which are vegan

Zaina Punjabi says:

May Allah bless you and your family Ameen 💕

Teresa Bowen says:

Brilliant book
A new chapter into healthy foods n meals TO show that there is a way.💓🇺🇸

ChefBrandz says:

His passion for cooking in inspiring 🙌🏾‼️

Carol Ann says:

You know in the “old days” – people would get multiple meals out of say a chicken. Those sorts of recipes, in how to use a product and make numerous things out of it would be good

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