Cooking With Twinkies!

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Today I’m preparing 4 Hostess Twinkies-themed dishes! Come on this sugary adventure with me, won’t you?
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Myikeastore says:

Are you trying to ruin twinkies?

Shadow Gamer says:

I am watching this starving at 5 am and the only thing I can think of while he does the THIS TASTES HOW THIS LOOKS and squishes the twinky wiener sandwich is mmm that looks so tasty

Seven Productions says:

Awesome headband

James R says:

easy cheese is awesome on crackers

DevilDude912 says:

This is legitimately hard to watch, congratulations, that can't have been easy…

Whose dis Bro says:

Accurate series name, these do look like some brutal foods.

Taine de Jong says:

As a non American I can say the idea of a Twinkie on its own is horrific

Ian Gabbard says:

7:43 you could've made the blood white because he's a Twinkie and they have white cream filling! It would fit so well!

LEM4IK says:

Good ok half price books

emi_nemone says:

put maple syrup on your sausages. nobody does this and it upsets me. 4 people have tried this from my suggestion and so far nobody has complained about it…

just like dont put ur sausage in a twinkie

Neutron Toad says:

Tiramisu made with twinkies… πŸ€”

AlexTheUmbreon says:

Aren't twinkies just branded profiterolls?

James says:

To be honest, Twinkies aren’t even that good

Richie Bailey says:

Mission failed penis in twinkie

The Ranting Macrophage says:

Twinkies and Meat Sounds like the title to a gay porno

Charleen Gomez says:

@15:26 the Fritos on top of the fridge are gone idk why I noticed I have no life ☠️

Dedede is Dosh says:

"Except there's a weiner in there."
-Ian on futa

PositivePasta14 says:

I was NOT ready for that grasshopper introduction 🀣

Albert Ratstein says:

"Ive been to ihoB"

pizzapie06 says:

Ice hot day

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