Lincolnshire Sausages | Bangers and Mash

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Lincolnshire sausages may be one of the more popular varieties of sausage in the UK. Seasoned with salt and white pepper and flavoured with sage, Lincolnshire sausage are a truly classic banger. In this video I show you how to make your own Lincolnshire sausage, as well as bangers and mash and onion gravy.

The written recipe for Lincolnshire sausages will be available shortly.

Written recipe for bangers and mash available here:






Gourmet22 says:

I'm from Lincolnshire and want these patented

Linda King says:

Yummy….got some Lincolnshire sausages &Bangers here in Calgary Canada from a British Butcher originally from Bolton

Veronica Stewart says:

You look like coronial Saunders lol

Aaron S says:

Is there a good substitute for bread crumbs?

Jita'ame suluma says:

i like to grind some bay and add it too , it is yummy , i also use oats instead of bread crumbs , wheat is not great for me

Ruple Thaker says:

Hi Keef, can you oven bake them? If you don't want use a frying pan. Thanks.


Keef, when making the onion gravy, add some malt vinegar to the onions whilst frying them off. It does something special to the onions, you'll see what I mean, bit of butter in as well.

David Williamson says:

scaly thing worm

JanTheNan says:

Since my stroke I find bangers far too grainy so can’t eat them and a lot of other stuff lost 3 stone in hospital food was dire.

JanTheNan says:

Pretty dress Mrs K.

JanTheNan says:

The generation game springs to mind!

Gary Morley says:

Fella this one of your most funniest vids.I think you're great… but fella this is a bit of a fail… love the end result though!

David Dean says:

Hello Keef. I love your Video's as a ex Brit living in the US. So many traditional comfort food recipe's. Not one for hi class meals ,give me Bangers and mash any Day of the week with Peas of cause. Also your Pasties are great.Keep up the good work, say Hi to misses Keef cook's also.

d x says:

I enjoy watching you enjoy eating your creations. XO

Marsha Creary says:


stal1ng says:

I don’t know why every time I see you, I feel like eating crispy fried chicken with mash, corn and gravy!

theresa bollman says:

Lovely dish!

TheWacoKid1963 says:

This may help you with sausage tying, Tying starts at 14:25

TheWacoKid1963 says:

Protected status doesn't always work, Newcastle Brown Ale for example used to have protected status, Now it's brewed at the Zoeterwoude Brewery in the Netherlands.

James Goacher says:

Lincolnshire Sausages is my preference too. I think Cumberland Sausages have had good advertising. I intend to make some of these myself and I am accumulating data and now you video and you video has been a big help. One of the reasons for wanting to make my own is to make Italian Sossages. I see lots of recipes which call for Italian Sausages out of their skins so I was going to make a batch (small) of Italian Sausage Meat for those times.
Thanks for the confidence assistance.

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