Meatballs | Jamie Oliver | 20 Years of The Naked Chef

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To celebrate 20 years since The Naked Chef, we asked you guys which recipe from Jamie’s first book he should recreate, and the stand out winner was meatballs! This delicious recipe really does stand the test of time, all served up with pasta and a simple but tasty tomato sauce. Jamie also returns to talking off-camera while he answers some of your questions about those early days too. Check this one out, it’s pukka!

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Chocolate Tart | The Naked Chef | Jamie Oliver |

Meatballs Recipe –

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Marko ožbolt says:

Thats what naked chef is all abbaut is to beat your meat

roconnor01 says:

Can't fasten the shirt now!

Ed Simpson says:

Pretty much learned to cook from this book. Still making the basic tomato sauce and the baked chocolate torte 20 years later and they are as good as ever.

Liverpool FC YNWA says:

Jamie a great dad I wish I was in son I love him and is lovely family x

Torb says:

You should try my meatballs!

Martin Blomqvist says:

0:47 "The secret ingrjeidient" 😂

ash jam says:

In the recipe book it states two teaspoons of salt…… the video and subsequent reprints of this recipe, it says a good pinch of salt……i ruined the whole dinner adding 2 teaspoons…plus its a dangerous amount of salt…

Оксана Бандурина says:

Очень интересно Вас смотреть, столько энергии и позитива, что получаешь одно удовольствие от вашего оптимизма и бесконечных идей. Очень рада, что ваши передачи помогли мне в трудную минуту перезагрузиться ! Дай бог Вам и вашим родным здоровья!

Cat says:

i’m addicted to these

Jack Blackburn says:

No way that shirt buttons up now, stay off the turkey twizzlers Jamie

MusicchannelFX says:

„Meatballs“ and „naked Chef“ make a good combo if you dont know the context 😏😏😏

Rimbouchti lili says:

Trop chouette de regarder tes vidéos Jamie. Trop excellent 🤗. Merci à toi.

Patricia McCormack says:

Going to make this with my 8 year old while we're in lock down, from a Kiwi fan.

Karun Krish says:

Made this and it was trash

FlutterShy says:

CLICKBAIT!! I thought the chef would be naked!

HJR Rob says:

Anyone done this with fake meat and know if it tastes nice?

Sepehr Moghani says:

Young Jamie Oliver was the greatest, most patient teacher I’ve ever seen. Those old videos were great. 👍🏼

Tony Tay says:

Jamie after Brexit may again not find fresh parmesan easily 😂

Online Marketing mit Lester says:

In this Video, he looks a bit like Tom Hanks 🤣🤣🤣

Douglas Roth says:

“While I’m yapping I’ve actually been ignoring my balls”

You should never ignore your balls Jamie

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