Chat with Eben Upton and making art with code – LIVE – Digital Making at Home

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Thank you to Eben and Ed for joining us on the live stream.

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BrianP Nelson says:

Great job! I am trying to get my grandson in Amsterdam started with the Raspberry Pi. Seeing you will help me to encourage him, and his little sister. Thanks so much. I am going to introduce this to some school and school children in the U.S.A. Thank you.

Lukas Walker says:

Was interesting

Ben Mac83 says:

Hi! Sent from your best pi so far! The Pi 4! Using it for one of my projects for a club 🙂 Tried to program a toggle led. Was a page long. Didn't work. Realised there was a function in GPIOzero lol 🙂

Chubs says:

Is there any chance in the future you could actually do it live (as a live stream on YouTube) ? Thanks!

Patrick Vetter says:

Love you guys!

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