One-Pot Lentil Bolognese

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Mother of Catfish says:

Bullshit. Dried green lentils do not cook that quickly.

dilemmix says:

Enjoy your cold pasta!

Kip Andrew says:

that song was terrible. interesting recipe though

Luciana Borinato says:

Baking soda? Why?

Loreena663 says:


steven shaw says:

With extra sauce

GINA says:

My lentils took ages to cook

Anthea Geo says:

this looks so yummy. I've turned vegan from last week and came across this do i need to soak the lentils first?

GiopoloMtl says:

Love it. Only one question, are the lentils dry, not soaked overnight?

Inga Karlsson says:

Not a one pot recipe. All lies.

Mini Mixers says:

Is this healthier that meat? Or just the same?

Salvatore D'Aniello says:

Cmon that's not "bolognese".. oh god

Aficionats a la cuina says:

Lentils with pasta, wow, I've never taste this combination

zomgseriosuly says:

I wonder if it tastes good

M says:

Why care what it's called? If it's good that's all that matters.

Diah Ratna Pascarini says:

red wine? 😔

nativa indiana says:


Deanie Smith says:

Oh this looks yummy I must try it!

Daithi J says:

Why is the baking soda added?

Amber Griffith says:

Just made this for dinner!! Fam LOVEDDDD IT. So happy i had everything on hand!! Such a great recipe!!!

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