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Travel advice and travel tips on visiting Europe, Latin America, The USA and More!
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Beth Di Bartolomeo says:

Probably my favorite one-day trip ever was as part of a tour group where one stop was Hershey, Pennsylvania. Touring the Hershey factory was soooooooo much fun! I still have a souvenir Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Christmas ornament. ^_^ My least favorite was Salt Lake City. While I'm sure it is lovely, when I went there the smell at the Great Salt Lake in the middle of the summer was somewhat akin to rotting shrimp. Then when we went to the Mormon church, I was mesmerized, but my parents got nervous when someone offered me literature (for the record, I was just interested in seeing their brochures and history, my parents had no need to worry, I'd love to find out about other cultures).

M Stephens says:

MARK🌴🌴—I love Aruba! Been there 5 times. I want to go back and maybe visit Bonaire as well but don’t know how to split the trip between Aruba and Bonaire if I have 10 nights to go. Any suggestions? Have you been to Aruba or Bonaire?
Thank you!!!

Polina Sterkhova says:

What affordable travel destinations would you recommend to college/post college students?

steve bartley says:

New York City. Walk from Brooklyn on the bridge back to Manhatten

marian thompson says:

Is it true you have to get a lot of shots before you go.mealse japan

Ph Ma says:

Basically going somewhere to visit museum and monuments is a bit useless as you do not see the place itself but only it's "carte postal" aspect.

Mo N says:

You are the coolest dad, Your kids are so lucky! My dad is awesome but he never took us anywhere except Wisconsin!

Scott McClelland says:

Mark, where do we learn about the schedule for live chat and what is and how do you become a super chat?

Tina Tina says:

One last thing, Wolter please go to Ethiopia, my home country. Also I recommend Kenya and Seychelles if you love beautiful beaches. The culture is very different so am sure you will love it

Tina Tina says:

I just came back from Atlanta a week ago. Atlanta is very populated but has a lot to offer for everyone. I enjoyed Stone Mountain national park, Georgia Aquarium, world of Coca Cola and off course the night life. The only thing that bothered me was they were charging parking fees at the hotel I stayed at. $14 a day to park in the parking lot of the hotel and it was the same everywhere. Traffic was horrific although the highways are massive. Heat and humidity was also a big issue and I went from Texas so thats says a lot lol. Love you’re videos, you inspire us me to travel even more.

Osama Nofal says:

Hi Mark u do good jop and u r welcome Egypt Luxor city am tour guide we cad work together f u want just send me 00201003691748 whats app ( funny trip tour )

Morgan Donaho says:

I had an amazing trip digging dinosaur bones as a kid in Colorado!! We want to take a trip to India and China, would it be possible to do both in 1 month to 6 week long trip??

steve bartley says:

For dinosaur and mammoth bones, go to western Nebraska and South Dakota’s Black Hills

Niko says:

anyone intrested in a lebanon trip check this out you as well marc

Kevi goes Wandering says:

Hi mark what is your favourite country?

Francis Bernath says:

Awe. I missed another travel chat! 🙁 3rd shift life is a struggle. <3 But thanks to your helpful videos, I am very confident in my Italian Itinerary for September. 😀 Yay! Much love Wolters Family!

h lynn keith says:

Have you done a travel video on the Azores?

Lydia K. says:

What was the most affordable international trip you had taken with your family?

Michael Monn says:

Hi Mark & Jocelyn, sorry I missed the live chat. Hope you're doing well and I'll catch you next time.

Dizzy Lizard505 says:

Responding to Chad Williamson's questions about Islands in Thailand. I have been to Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi. We are returning to Thailand later this year and are going to skip Phuket. We are flying in and out of Krabi and probably heading to Koh Phi Phi again. We only stayed two nights in Phuket and in Krabi but Phuket was just okay. It was a long drive from the airport to the hotel. There wasn't much to do once we got to the hotel. I do wish I had went to see the "Big Buddha). It looks pretty cool. Keep in mind that my husband and I are in our fifty's and sixty's. If you like to party then it might be the place for you. Krabi seemed more chill. We took a long tail boat to a beach, did some shopping and found some good restaurants. Koh Phi Phi is a small island. The buildings run off of generators, they have a very small tourist market just off the dock. You can walk or take a water taxi everywhere. It was really nice. I hope this helps.

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