How To Make Braised Celery!

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How To Make Braised Celery

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Braised celery might seem a bit old school, and that’s because it is. But it’s also really tasty and a nice change from kale if you ask me.

Because celery is a stringy beast, this braised celery recipe is best eaten with a knife and a fork. You can also try to take the strings off of the celery before you cook it, but that strategy has mixed results for me.

The braising method can also be used on celery hearts, fennel, or quartered onions, for a melty, sweet, succulent simple side dish.

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Production by: Hristo Stoev & Paula Hingley

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How To Make Dinner says:

I'm curious to know who has been doing the celery juice thing?

Sherin nashwa says:

i just want good skin lol

Denyse LeBlanc says:

nice recipe… do narcissi grow where you live?

Aramis3737 says:

You had me at I'm not going to tell you to subscribe. it was a brilliant recipe and I was enjoying it and then you totally won me over 😊👍 Subscribed!

Thanks for the nifty recipe!

John Grist says:

Or add the wine during the last few seconds before serving so the alcohol is not burned off in a shameful waste. 😩
And yes I did subscribe because u made it fun to watch.

Hristo Stoev says:

I love celery!

A Real Kitchn says:

Ha… "I feel like this needs a roast chicken to eat with this"…yes!! Do a roast chicken recipe!!

Petya Stoeva says:

I've never eaten this..but should try it 🙂

Petya Stoeva says:


Kelvin's Kitchen says:

Great Recipe, looked amazing !

APS Team Solutions says:

I don't like celery and I might actually try that if someone made it. Forwarding to a friend… 🙂

How To Cook Smarter says:

Hi Paula, love the idea of cooking the celery this way! I've made braised leeks for couple of times, using the similar recipe, with white wine and butter and it was absolutely delicious. So I know how good this celery is. I don't know about celery juice, but I love to add some celery into my smoothies, in fact celery is my go-to smoothie vegetable. Anyway, thanks for sharing the recipe! Keep it up! Just subbed!

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV says:

What do bay leaves do? 🤷‍♀️

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV says:

That is a good sound

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV says:

I’ve never braised celery!

MagsBags says:

I love celery too!

Balanced to the Core says:

I know SO many people doing the celery juice thing! I'm not, but I have always loved celery and almond butter as a mid-afternoon snack when I'm at work!

Balanced to the Core says:

IT sounds like a crackling fire! So homey!

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