Ziangs: How to cook Takeaway Chicken Chow Mein (dry)

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Ziang's Food Workshop says:

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paul smith says:

Brilliant video. I've been searching for this recipe for so long. It is very much my thinking that the simple chow mein is the most delicious.

amy cheung says:

wow i want to make this. its amazing!!!

Linux Unix says:

when ever i cook with egg noodles they always taste very bland no matter how much i season them :O

johno66 says:

Did not no soya burns ffs,hmm think i may have burnt mine more than once 🙁

jasmin grace says:

where do u buy msg from

Dean Edward says:

Brother, sister, thank you very much this is perfect I’m off to do my deep fried chilli beef,, ✌️ peace ☮️

Will Hayford says:

You sure that's chicken????

Bridget Murray says:

So can we use light sota cause thts all i have in the house also will i not need to add mfg or msg or something cause u said its in all soys sauce xx

haich in the city says:

No garlic or ginger at all? genuinely curious

Karen Yates says:

Love the food!!! Made homemade Chinese a few Sat ago for my sons. (s&s chicken balls, mushroom chow mien and duck and plumb sauce and egg fried rice!) my husband said it was from Ziang’s the newest gourmet Chinese restaurant in our village!! Lol they believed him till I asked them to help with the washing up!! Now all they ask for is “dinner at Zaing’s”. Your food is a hit!!! Thank you so much for sharing the secrets of these delicious dishes!!! Keep up the great work!

Randy Schwing says:

Hey guys big props….u r my go-to channel for all chinese dishes now! Just had a q on this chow mein….how come there is no ginger or garlic in the recipe? Thanks and keep up the good work!🤗

Neil baldwin says:

Hi Guys, love the video could you please tell me whether these are lucky boat No.1 or No. 2 noodles please? Many thanks

henry M says:

Lol the war against msg haters 😂🥔

SFbayKID says:

IS VERY CONFUSING most people use dark & regular soy sauce, corn starch,wine cooking oil , sesame oil, Oyster sauce ..lol none of them here or marinating the chicken …nah this is NOT the way should be done..just DUMPED everything in pan and mix in with squeezed soy sauce on top hahahahaha B.S

Eric O'Neill says:

Love these videos, im a hero at home to my veggie daughter she loves all these (egg fried rice the favourite so far), i just add that quorn stuff instead of chicken.

azza villa says:

What’s best wok to use

azza villa says:

Best wok to use for these dishes mate

Tish Tash says:

Is there a supermarket noodle that you would recommend or comes close?

Emily Cargill says:

Do you have a link for the recipe please, thankyou

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