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Here’s how to make my 7-veg tomato sauce – perfect for getting extra veg in and one serving counts as one of your 5-a-day.
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Beatrice Nkundwa says:

Tomato sauce is a must.

Moon says:

Well all you need a full basil plant .. or maybe like 10 😂 love it

K P says:

What are these comments about sitting. It is quite obvious that his children are filming him. Be kind

Lu Chan says:

Looks absolutely delicious. Gonna try that for sure

Sriparno Baksi says:

Look delicious.

Moe Moea says:

Had this for dinner on the weekend the cook followed your recipe to the letter and you could tell by the aroma that it was going to be delicious and it was! 10/10.

FoodieGuy says:

Why sat down

Food for Dan says:

not a spot of sauce on that white shirt of yours Jamie… impressive!

Lucy Buehl says:

Why would you sit down to cut anything??? It's completely obtuse to get your balance with your knife. Is there a possible health problem?

Chop Happy says:

That tomato sauce looks so yummy! Great video!

Analice Floriani says:

Oh my god! We've just left the table…it is the best tomato sauce I've ever had. It's gorgeous! I'll use it in a lot of preparations. Cheers from Brazil

Hasnae Acheffane says:

Love it as all your recipes 😋

En Dee says:

Not even one minute in and I already liked this video.

melinski_w says:

If you want to keep the dish vegetarian just leave out the parmesan. I don't know if everyone knows that some cheeses like parmesan are not vegetarian.

Jaghbeir Sunshine says:

I have try it today and I like it so much so delicious 😋

M123 456 says:

Love you Jamie! You always show us how to cook real things at home! Can you let us know what we can use instead of the wine please

pep guardiola says:

Irgendwie ist seine Zeit definitiv vorbei. Kochen im Sitzen?

Happy dhaliwal says:

Bro your lea is fine?

Dropthebeatonit says:

why is he so short

Loewe Herz says:

Sie sind ein Künstler

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