Healthy Bake Mac (vegetarian/VEGAN)

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This is my take on an American Classic snack Bake Macaroni, Veganized and made it more healthy.

Finely dice all the vegetables
2 red onion
6 cloves of garlic
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1 can of mushroom
2 small eggplant
5 tomato pealed and deseed
1 can of crush tomatato
300g of macaroni pasta
4 tbsp of evoo
1 to 2 cups of boiling pasta water for the tomato sauce


Autumn Rain Records says:

sarap… china oil!

Carlo Soriano says:

Pizza naman next at lasagna yung vegan bro.

Carlo Soriano says:

Bro sarap naman.

Ysabel's Adventures says:

pag nandito ka, i patikim mo nga yan mga vegan na yan…nakaka curious lang panoorin hahaha

archel francisco says:

super linamnam to the MAX!

Roydex Channel says:

may vegan butter pala noh? new to me, pwede to, hwag maglaway challenge x))))

Roydex Channel says:

kala ko magtutuloy-tuloy na kayong mag-English eh, mano-nosebleed na sana ako eh x)) #CyclingChef

Sai-Sai Tandog says:

Ang galing nung ginamit na cheese kuys

Joan Millet says:

Take out po.. 😂😂

Lorenz Map says:

On the way na ko…

Lebron Sins says:

Penge po kuya hehe

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