3 EASY VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR LAZY DAYS | Blueberry Muffins | Protein Pancakes + more | Edgy Veg

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LEARN MORE ABOUT BOB’S RED MILL HERE: http://bobsredmill.com/?utm_source=TheEdgyVeg&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=bobsredmill Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you 3 easy vegan breakfast ideas for when you’re in a hurry, or feeling lazy. We’re going to be making Breakfast Blueberry Muffins, Vegan Protein Pancakes and Jacked Up Oatmeal To-Go cups. All three of these vegan breakfast ideas for quick, simple and easy to throw together when you’re out the door or pressed for time.

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GET THE BLUEBERRY MUFFIN RECIPE: http://www.theedgyveg.com/2018/03/20/blueberry-breakfast-muffins-easy-vegan-blueberry-muffins/

GET THE LOADED PROTEIN PANCAKE RECIPE: http://www.theedgyveg.com/2018/03/19/vegan-protein-pancakes-gluten-free-pancakes/

GET THE JACKED UP OATMEAL CUPS RECIPE: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2018/03/20/how-to-jack-up-y…tmeal-to-go-cups/

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Thanks so much to Bob’s Red Mill for teaming up with me and sponsoring this video! Bob’s Red Mill offers the largest lines of organic, whole grain foods in the country and I’ve been using their products for years! All of their products are certified Kosher and made with ingredients grown from non-GMO seeds.

This first recipe we’re making are loaded protein pancakes. The base of these pancakes will be the Bob’s Red Mill Paleo pancake mix. This stuff makes fluffy, grain-free pancakes using almond flour, coconut flour, and simple root starches. You could just make the mix on it’s own, and it’s delicious that way, but today, I’m going to load it up with Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Nutritional Booster for added protein.

The second recipe is what I like to call “Jacked Up” to-go oatmeal cups. We’ve all seen just add water to-go oat cups and packets, they’re perfect for when you’re in a hurry or on the go. These Bob’s Red Mill Organic Oatmeal Cups are super easy to take to the next level. We’re going to make that on-the-go breakfast taste like hours of work! Just take some of your favourite, nuts, seeds and dried fruit and add them to a small container, and bring a small jar of your favourite plant-based milk. Then when you’re hungry, simply add some hot water to the oatmeal, wait 3 mins and then top with your milk and add your mix of nuts and dried fruit! Voila!

The third breakfast uses one of my favourite meal prep techniques; make ahead! We’re going to make breakfast blueberry muffins so you can just grab them and go in the morning. Our base will be a combination of Bob’s Red Mill organic all purpose and Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat flour.

Bob’s Red Mill uses quality whole grains to satisfy all vegan, paleo, and gluten-free friendly cooking and baking needs. For over three decades, Bob’s Red Mill has been committed to providing people everywhere with the best quality foods available and helping their customers live a life through better nutrition. Their promise is to provide high-quality, minimally-processed products from the mill to your table.

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CBD IsLife says:

bottoms need love too candice!!! lmao hahahahaa sorry had to… i know u have plenty of gay friends so you know what im sayin LOL

Sarah says:

Omg! In this video you resemble the actress who plays CeCe Drake in Pretty Little Liars! #gorgeous 😘

poetiklee vehrzed says:

Hahaha zested almond

frida frutal says:

You are so funny

KJM Carl says:

Just made the blueberry muffins and they rocked!!!! Yummy.

Antoinette Lashay says:

Couldn't you take the base of the muffins and dry them out somehow and make some sort of vegan bread pudding?

Javiera Uchida says:

OMG thank you so much for the blueberry muffin tip!!!!

Antoinette Lashay says:

I've been a vegan for two weeks now, and I still have know idea what I'm doing

Pook Pookie86 says:

This will save my breakfast game.. I'm so lazy in the am

De6Klompjes says:

I must be really lazy those pancakes and seem very delicious but for me to much work. Yes I am a lazy one when it comes to breakfast 😂

Qiana Ridley says:

Just made these and dayuuuuummmmmm girl, these are so good.

Teresa’s Sweets says:

I subscribed even though I am not a vegan 😳. I don't eat meat though, I am a pescatarian.

Qiana Ridley says:

Gotta make these muffins! My go-to is overnight oats or guacamole toast.

Sabrina McGarry says:

Went to order and they don't ship to Canada! So dissapointed 🙁

thot chocolate says:

for the pancakes, could I skip the bananas….? I hate bananas :/

CocinaJoann says:

wow great video! breakfast food is my fav!

Adelina Star says:

Can you go bit slower next time

West of Wander says:

I know you have a recipe for roast,but do you have a good recipe for a Ham? Love your new cook book by the way!

Mayte says:

a nakd bar and an apple is my "I should have left the house 10 min ago!!!!!" breakfast 😛

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