Amazing Homemade Vegan Spaghetti & Meatballs

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Heavenly Chase says:

Can I use veg broth

Bianca Nieve says:

Do you know of an almond substitute? I’m allergic so I wouldn’t be able to use any nuts

Ant V says:

I’ve just tried these meatballs and OMFG , they are the tastiest vegan meatballs I’ve ever made and ate. They taste like meat (my whole non-vegan family agreed) and I didn’t used the no-beef broth.

donatellag635 says:

Before putting the tomato sauce into the pan we usually put some chopped onion to slightly fry (in Italy).. Like your Chanel though

Marina Svensson says:

Can I make it glutenfree somehow? Hugs 😍❤🥰

Stephanie Pearl says:

I made these meatballs today! They are good, but they are kinda hard on the outside. I think next time I’ll cut the baking time down.

S says:

I love spaghetti!! ♥️♥️ your videos are awesome 🙂 so pretty!! I cant wait to try this recipe. Great job Liv.

Kathryn Davis says:

I made these and they are amazing… just in case you’re wondering!!

Kendra veganbombshell says:

Kudos for not getting sauce on your shirt! I never wear white because the second I put it on, I make a mess that would normally not make! These meatballs look amazing and cannot wait to try them out!

Kavitha Ganessane says:

Wow !! ….I was looking for recipes to cook delicious food without meat …. Finally I found your channel thanks to your recipes

K. G says:

I wonder if you added mushrooms to your meatballs what they would taste like

Brittany Foster says:

I would love to see a Kindle version of your cookbook. Can't wait to try this recipe though omg 😍

Allison Anne O’Neil says:

You’ve probably never heard someone tell you this, but I’m SO jealous you are allergic to peanuts… ONLY lol. I’m vegan and allergic to all nuts, so recipes are limited. Maybe I could try this with seeds instead of almonds though. It looks amazing and I love the Italian music! 😄👌🍝

cocoalove18 says:

Girl, when I saw the bullion cube I already knew those 'meatballs' were gonna be amazing 👌

Bianca Rose says:

Looks like the real deal

The Clean Veganista says:

I am definitely going to make this soon. Many thanks for sharing!!

celena green says:

Omg liv I was amazed I made them yesterday and it was so delicious thank you for what u do everything I have made of yours is so good I'll be purchasing your cookbook today as well …

Sarah Marie says:

Love !!!💛🌞 thank you

Rose Auflick says:

A vegan "meat"ball sub was the first vegan dish I ever tried at a restaurant, and I still think about it all the time! Now I can finally make one!

Dotty thefirst says:

The recipe sounds amazing. Is there a gluten free possiblity?

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