Chef's Dream (205): Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way

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Minute Recipe: Anchovy Spread. Combining silky tuna, crunchy apples, herbaceous chives, and piquant shallots, Jacques assembles a mountain of fresh Bluefin Tuna Tartare with Apple to open the show. Inspired by the flavors of the East, Jacques prepares exotic Lamb Burgers with Feta Cheese, cooked rare and served with a refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce and a “gratin” of Corn Parfait. He ends his cooking adventure with Cream Cheese and Fruit Medley.


llewodcm20 says:

17:03 summons baguette 🥖

Solaire Solalalalalemon says:

Why do I feel like my bank account is empty after watching him? HE SOUNDS SO EXPENSIVE

Firas Massadeh says:

Burger fit for a King

Lad Duncan says:

He’s the best! Makes it accessible for everyone!

le Maroufle says:

I am just discovering him, what a shame for me ! I am french and i need to be lucky on Youtube for find these amazings replays of some US TV shows for meet him ! I didnt know him !
Damn, no one other cook show of other french chiefs are like that, i sure you. I am so jalous about the US tv-viewers !
This guy give humanity and kindness too, with humility for his art…What a wonder, this man.

Ian says:

17:05 unexpected baguette

Hazel Chiyungi says:

This is a cooking show.

thetimahawk1 says:

He calls the tuna bluefish. Yikes ! I can't imagine. Bluefish is one nasty fish. Fun to catch but thats about it. Although I did try it smoked and it was really good , I have tried it several ways and just don't care for it. My wife loves it. God bless her.

clockwork says:

because of Pépin, i see the case for hors d'oeuvres, and anchovy

Erryk Flows says:

A TRUE "Roll Model" for ANY Young Man (I Don't Care Who Y'ALL Are) … NUFF Said … “🍺 Dilly Dilly”❗
Jacques Pépin:
• A Military Veteran (1956-58)
• Married Over "40+ Years"❗
• World Renowned “MASTER Chef”; television personality, and Author who has a net worth of "$20 million"

In a "NUTSHELL" … Says It ALL; Don't IT❗❗❗

Erryk Flows says:

A TRUE "Roll Model" for ANY Young Man (I Don't Care Who Y'ALL Are) … NUFF Said … “🍺 Dilly Dilly”❗


to me, the very best. check out corn. it is very bad for you.

Nora Germain says:

upload more!!

StLaparole says:

I´m absolutly convinced that he makes it all up as he goes, because, you know "why not?" ^^

betsey _ says:

I can't believe I've found him after years and years of searching. I forgot what the channel name was called when I was little and just now he pops up on my recommendation page. I'm so happy

joelle baker says:

Un grand chef a head of his time love it REAL FOOD

luke threatt says:

Not even 52 seconds in and I learned a new recipe. Quick, simple, delicious. Pepin knows.

Steven Thomas says:

This is a pure Gem! That channel 26 original cooking!

jimmie200 says:

I would love to sample those lamb burgers.

straitpepperdiet says:

Jean Claude Van Dam can cook!!!

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