Dinner with Dorie: A Weeknight Dinner For Two

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Dorie Greenspan shares three weeknight dinner ideas from her newest cookbook, “Everyday Dorie,” including chewy chocolate chip cookies, pimento cheese and chicken Milanese with a crisp and zingy chopped salad. SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD52 ►► https://f52.co/2HN7Dp8

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? says:

This look like my life achievement !!

Rae Peronneau says:

I want that apron. Where can I get one?


She is definitely a character- a character I really like❤️💯


Those knives look dangerous
But I love it

White Hawk says:

I love her kitchen!

Kelly Kudryk says:

I LOVE YOU DORIE!!! i wish we were best friends

What's The Frequency says:

Dorie is a GREAT teacher and host. fyi – Protip- in the south we only use a box grater to prepare cheese for pimento cheese! But your pimento cheese looks fabulous Dorie.

Daniels says:

wow, how much knifes does a person need??? Overwhelming

Michiru Sato says:

what. an. adorable. couple. #relationshipgoals

Eristotl3 says:

Pimento cheese is LIFE

Eliza Z says:

What a delightful dinner this is! They are so adorable and you can feel the love and apprecation for each other. She cooks with such love and passion and those are the most important ingredients 🤗

Catherine Knight says:

couple goals

Rita Rodrigues says:

Ty – I hope to buy her first cookbook maybe I can get it for Christmas- I love her, her cool collected mannerisms – I prepare her three ing almond drops often, also her gougers – thanks to Foid 52 I have found her🙏❤️

Rita Rodrigues says:

I love cooking with a passion. I don’t buy cook books any more BUT I asked my daughter to gift me Dorie’s New cookbook- Chez Moi. I love her videos tho as she explains it so well, reading a recipe seems harder to follow. But I’ll try. Love Dorie (newest fan) thanks to food 52 just found her❤️

JayeBird says:

Simply Delicious, so is this recipe. Love the way she paces herself in the kitchen. Easy breezy, and fun!

Theresa Hutch says:

Great video – Thank you! Next time can you demonstrate how you pound out the chicken?

clam85 says:

I adore her.

Molly Lambeth says:

Love it! I love that she even has a "favorite pimento cheese moment"!

Brock Keeling says:

Dorie fix complete. Must have more, though. So good!

Suzanne Baruch says:

Love, love, LOVE Dorie!

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