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Food Tube’s fish expert, Bart Van Olphen from is back with his take on a Pasta Putanesca recipe. Loaded with fresh veggies and using store cupboard ingredients, this is a healthy, easy and quick mid week meal. Using a tin of pole and line caught tuna to keep things affordable and sustainable without compromising on the quality or flavour.

Do you cook with tinned fish? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Ting Lee Ann says:

A pinch of salt .. mmm I’ve been told by Christine Manfield that your pasta water to cook pasta should be as salty as the Mediterranean Sea.

Vincenzo's Plate says:

Perfect recipe😍

• j a y n i n i a • says:

Oh gossi, nederlands

cam12 cam12 says:

Hes dutch i hear his accent lol.. Im also dutch

Dodgeviper says:

that tiny pinch of salt added to the pasta water did absolutely nothing

Vanilla Nice says:

Yummy, i need to try this.

Adolf Hitler says:

what about the salt content since you add salt to pasta water then alot of salt from anchovies and canned tuna
no hate i love the flavour of salt but to much sodium can really kill you

Wonder Woman says:

Made this dish today – so simple, but so so tasty, healthy, moreish and savoury. I withheld from using capers just because I don’t like things too salty 🙂

J-bird says:

it is misleading to use Tuna and healthy in the same sentence

Marcel Nesbitt says:

I'll try to make it but I own my way

Marcel Nesbitt says:

you lost me at black olives

Jack Danny says:

made it today, it is delicious. Also goes well with kidney beans

dias8606 says:

Dirk Kuyt, thank you for this great and healthy recipe.

Tarique Anawar says:

He looks like Hobbits from lord of the rings!

Stephen Hendry says:

looks good. I'm living in Korea and often, it's difficult to find the ingredients, at a reasonable price, to make the dishes I want. So I'm always on the lookout for affordable, simple yet exciting dishes that I can do. Think I'm good on this one 🙂

Jim Woodland says:

just done recipe absolutely delicious

L López says:

"More healthy" adds a ton of canned food

Richard says:

Yuk. tomato paste. I really want to make a good tuna pasta but I'm not a big fan of tomato paste or tomato flavour in pastas unless it's very mild.

oidocrop says:

In Italy we must know how to cook these kind of dishes by the age of 10…otherwise we'll be seen as weirdos for the rest of our lives and probably kicked out of the country from our own family.

Marouan Pater says:

the recipe isnt online anymore. I want to make this for 5 people. How much do I need of everything?

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