Killer Kale in Marinara Sauce over Linguine

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If you’re looking to transition your family to eating more kale, THIS is a perfect recipe. It will help if they already like spinach, they won’t even ask about the green stuff in their pasta sauce. ;D Get out your pen & paper then give this simple dinner a try. Don’t forget to come back to let me know how it turned out.



tina sawhney says:

Hey where are u from? Married ? Kids ? What are ur hobbies? Pls tell me something about urself ?

tina sawhney says:

I'm pure vegetarian my dear, will check out ur vegan recipes!!!! U rock my dear

tina sawhney says:

Great work done,u r not not only a beautiful person inside ……but outside tooo,luvu ,ur would luv to know more about u…….any blog? Or website?

Sherismiley says:

Jill that looks sooo good! I have a question re: your spice grinder with your red pepper flakes. I have noticed it before in some of your other cooking videos. I want one! Lol! Where can I find it? I love the red color too!!:)

Amy Leeanne says:

Shannon & I made this tonight, & it was a hit!  🙂

connie connie says:

I have to say this is funny…
I have been doing this for almost a year for my kids and I thought I was the first to think of it…. lol…
I even started a blog that I never kept up with and posted that very thing on it ( ).
I always feel silly giving tips to someone who has much more experience than me so I would never have thought to share this with you…
However I will say if you go to my blog you will see another great tip. If you can't seem to get seeds in your kids or they are to young to eat them, You can grind them up and mix them in almost anything… Peanut butter for PB&J, Sauce, Ok I cant think of anything else right now but I've been sick for almost two weeks and antibiotics aren't helping so I'm in a bit of a fog right now. LOL…
Just wanted to share that with you ;-D

Debbie E. says:

Sounds yummy Jill, thanks!

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