This Thanksgiving, Pass the Tofurky!

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Ah, the classic Thanksgiving spread: stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and a glistening Tofurky … wait, Tofurky?? That’s right, for many vegetarians, Tofurky has become a new holiday staple. But this turkey substitute didn’t just arrive overnight. It took vegetarian Seth Tibbott and his friend Hans years to get the recipe just right. Here’s how the Tofurky got invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.


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Gank Freck says:

What about a Turducken

Gabriel Caspe says:

So, he didn't really invent tofurky, his friend did

Frilabird says:

Tempeh uses micro organism to make, so technically he's not 100% pure vegetarian

Jack Shainbrown says:

they leeked the phone number

Heavy metal rules!!!!! !!!!! says:

The guy who invented Tofurky reminds me of David Van Driessen from beavis and butthead lol

Jemin Chon says:

I think you guys leaked the person's phone number…

Balloon Chiaroscuro says:

It's really great that meat is a substitute for ethical vegan food
Not the other way round
It's a great start

Hello Nibbers of same species says:

I just eat what tastes good.

Dripping In 8D says:

I thought this was a SNL skit at first 😂

Jason nathaniel says:

Where is the turturkeykey

OgeorgeK says:

So are we not going to question why this lady has a number for the tofurky inventor?

Kelmon Foz says:

Tofurky, to fuck yourself

Genevieve Fauteux says:

I’ve tried tofurky it’s not that bad

Carmela Diaz says:

Oh god, ToFUCK-that

DonAurelius says:

first of all you cant call something a substitute to its substitute(2:03) then why aren't you trying to make you're own culture/food for vegans/vegetarians instead of trying to mimic something you cant eat according to your diet

ZR Seal says:

I just got an ad about genesis and bam it says a great big story inspired by genesis

moli1623 says:

Its delicious!!!

jeb bryant says:

The tofurkey looks like shit but that name alone sorta makes me wanna try it

Brata Pradhana says:

Tempe, Sambal Acan, and Rice + Kerupuk.

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