Grilled Cheese Toastie with a crown | Jamie Oliver

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A little while back Jamie posted a picture of his cheese toastie crown on Instagram that he made for Jools as a late night weekend snack. People went a little mad for it, asking for the recipe. So Jamie grabbed a moment to knock up a quick cheese toastie in the Test kitchen to show you guys how it is done. A completely indulgent treat – but let’s be honest, there are not many things better in life than a cheese toastie, except a cheese toastie with a crown!

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siegann genavieve says:

Welove the oliverrs. βœŒβ™¨

Dennis Jones says:

Just did this. So simple but so damn tasty! Thanks Jamie!

Michael Allott says:

Curry onion and cheese toastie the bestπŸ‘

Chris-B-17 says:

Tabasco always

joe smith says:

And yet it’s labelled grilled cheese, yet no grill. That’s real magic for you

Frederick says:

rip nonstick pan

LMTR14 says:

first thing you should explain is what the hell a "toastie" is…

Lewis says:

I use one of those toasty makers and squish it as flat as possible

Chunkymonkey7 says:

I use a toastie machine, the secret is in the name, toastie machine.

Karl Hanks says:

Bugger off Jamie, what bloke cooks for his bird after a piss up?

alan murphy says:

Wife got in pissed if you want some tonight get your ass in the kitchen make me cheese n toast πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Kelly ann Kindness says:

I alway put tomato in mine

Tony's Real Food says:

I found the secret to a crispy grilled cheese sandwich is to use butter on the inside and Mayonnaise on the outside. The mayo has eggs and oil that make it crispy and delicious every time!

EZ says:

that looks absolutely ridiculous mate

Billy Blanco says:

Hahaa nice Jamie…but the turks make u look like a teenager in a kitchen. Dont believe me? YOutube Turkish sandwitch and im not even turk xDDD im from norway ahahah overatted guy man oh lord……………

Henry Salisbury says:

I use fresh poo as the cheese


I can’t get the crown.. I go to pick the toastie up and when going under to pick it up .. it rips the crown apart πŸ˜©πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

haha, well. says:

I do Red Leicester and cheddar for the color, and it adds a unique flavour to it

Illonas doll channel 007 suitable for ADULTS ONLY says:

cheese and grapes makes a nice snack on the same plate

DuogamersYT_ says:

sdnierf olleh

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