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A simple, budget and very tasty classic stand-by with the choice of either soya-based veggiemince OR whole lentils – and with everything available from a supermarket!

See more on Vegan Recipe Club: veganrecipeclub.org.uk/recipes/easy-vegan-spaghetti-bolognese


Absolutely Marinated says:

Looks great! Liked and subscribed- just uploaded a Bolognese video too, feel free to check it out!😁

ElizabethB71 says:

Wow! Way too much oil! Try a teaspoon or two instead two tablespoons!

Jase says:

Looks yummy. Thankyou.

Vegan Buddhist Girl says:

I love the recipe of the Bolognese. I usually added coconut cream for cooking and once I made it with testeruizada soy, your recipe looks incredibly delicious. I write it down for the next time I make pasta. Thank you very much for sharing.

Mother of Catfish says:

Lovely video!! Please upload more videos, especially of your little piggie angels!! <3

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