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Spaghetti Bolognese is a firm favourite in my home. There is also a Maltese pasta bake which is made in almost the same way, and which I have also veganised – again, made with pasta, Bolognese sauce, grated cheese and eggs. So, since I had veganised it years ago, I thought why don’t I use spaghetti instead, with a double layer of cheese for that lush, comforting savoury treat. And it worked so well, that it is now a main-stay. It can also be made using gluten free pasta for those who wish to avoid gluten. It freezes very well, so if you intend to freeze it, cook if for half the length of time in the oven, and be sure to allow it to cool for an hour or two before covering it well, and freezing. I have made this dish with an array of different vegan cheeses, including my own homemade ones, including one from my book with extra tapioca starch for added stretch. But for practicality and speed, use whichever vegan cheese you wish.

Full Recipe can be found on my blog :


Olivia Mosesman says:

What vegan cheese did you use?

K. C. says:

I'm drooling…. Yum yum yum yum 😋

Zelda Smith says:

So scrumptious !

dani says:

Where have you been?!!! Thank you.

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