Italian Style Vegetable Ragu Recipe – Shallots Garlic Tomato Vegan

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Italian Style vegetable Ragu Recipe – Shallots Garlic Tomato vegan
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Dee Geraghty says:

Looks great – I can smell it from here !!

Heidi Stenius says:

That looked fresh and good ,I'm gonna have a try..thanks💓

Jayyy Zeee says:

I never seem to have a good reason to use shallots, but they look great in this recipe. Thanks for another wonderful vegan recipe!!

Juice says:

Netflix helped me go vegan😁👍Fantastic recipe video, Friend. It's always a pleasure connecting with a fellow vegan YouTuber on social media.

Caro Carrera says:

Wow, the colors. I love nature, its so magical what it produces 😍😵

stephanie M says:

It is 8:17 am here, and what I wouldn't give for a nice crunchy bread and that pot of veggies, this looks delicious. Wonderful recipes on here, thank you. ❤️

Nova Scotia Living says:

Nice hot bowl of veggies. Yummy yum yum yummy

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