Thursday te Vegetarian Dinner| Kashmiri Style Dal Makhani & Aloo Gobi Recipe| #BengaliVlog 2020 -14

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Thursday Evening e baniyechhilam Kashmiri Style Dal Makhni & North Indian style Aloo Gobi fry.
Shopping Haul- 2.23 to 5.16 sec
North Indian style Aloo Gobi Fry- Recipe 7.59 sec to 11. 38 sec
Kashmiri Dal Makhni recipe- 7.07 sec to 7.56 sec, then 12.57 sec to 17.21 sec

Let’s join me for more Food, Recipe, and Cooking Talk:

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Suchandra Ghosh says:

Tumi jante chaichile kotokhn ranna ghore thkte pari…..sokale 45mts……rate 2hrs….ebar bole dio kibhabe set kore nebo??….tmr vlog e little star ti khub misti hoche ….Bolte Hobe na ke?

Craigslist HB says:

Mithi – I hope I am spelling your name correctly.

You are so adorable and a teacher with great potential – thanks for all the pearls of wisdom!

Poulami Datta says:

Avoid asian stores to buy anything. Another thing dal is not carb at all… Do you know while boiling dal you see the froth ? Its because dal is plant protein its not at all carb. Only protein while boiling give that frothing its simple chemistry… Please carb, protein and fat niye vul bolo na💕💕💕 every food have carb, protein , fat and other minerals, vitamins. Now in each food has carb high or fat high or protein high. For exmple egg is rich in protein and cholesterol dats why one egg is recommended in a day for any age but if you like to eat more eggs in a day then yolk is not recommended as its rich in cholesterol and protein too. Ektu pore carb, fat n protein niye bolo. Don't get angry or upset with this comment i just want to make up correct hope you understand my point 💕💕💕

Cook -:- with Tanima says:

Hii Didi tomra kmn accho?Tomar vlog ta khub valo laglo.Tomar skin ta khub glow korechilo ajke.Mithi as usual khub sweet.Recipe gulo valo laglo.Tomar coffee mug gulo asadharon hoyeche.Jano Didi amar coffee mug collect korte valo lage.Aro vlog chi tomar.I am a big fan of yours.Valo theko sobai.👍👌👌🥰🥰

Saonli Roy says:

Cup collection amr o bhalo lage

designertulika says:

Tomar quick recipes gulo khub helpful.Mithi ke kotha bolte shunle eto valo lage, khub misti kore kotha bole o.Mithi ki "Echdina" r kotha bolte chailo? Nice blog di.Valo theko.

Saonli Roy says:

Ami pujo koreche choto kore💞

Auslife Vlogs says:

Daal er recipe ta darun laglo…amio animal protein nicchi na since last 3-4 days. Aj ei daal ta banabo 😋 with jeera rice

RIA DEY says:

Khub bhalo laglo vlog ta 😊… love you mithi 😘❤️

Jayanta Majumder says:

Hi..Kasturi here.Awesome recipe.

moumita chowdhury says:

Nice vlog Shyamoli … phoolkopi r tarkari ta dekhei khete echhe korche go 😋


Khub Valo laghalo ranna.

Foodie's Hut Life says:

Kemon aacho sobai? aajker vlog e duto quick vegetarian recipes share korlam, jedin baniyechhilam sedin gorom chhilo, jodio ei duto recipe winter special recipe, tomra chaile ei sheete banate paro, besh bhalo lagbe! sobar weekend khub bhalo katuk!

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