Ali G – Ice Cream Glove Business – Donald Trump

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If you like Ali G then you NEED to check this out!

Ali G talks to some top business leaders (Donald Trump!) about a unique business idea

If you like Ali G then you NEED to check this out!


johan petersson says:

Thats your president usa, he doesnt give a fuck about the people. He only cares about the money

Felix Rodriguez says:

I'm sure Trump entered the room and immediately read the room and the people in it and said in his head "this room smells like a trap and its a waste of my precious time. I'm out of here as soon as I get a chance". Smart man.

Date Masamune says:

Always thought he started with Borat. XD

havahog says:

Honestly drip proof ice cream is the best idea Trump has had

fov666 says:

I wonder if Sasha Baron Cohen actually thinks of the people he has fooled and has them in front, paying attention.

Jimmy says:

god i love trump

Indan Suho says:

Trump was also the best troll President in the world

Argooh says:

6:21 that moment where he almost gives his character away. Hes trying so hard to stop himself laughing he gets a lump in his throat.

Driving While Black says:

2:00 This is what you came here for.

Rt.Honourable Gentleman says:

DJT – The ONLY one who doesn't suffer fools. There ya go. You're welcome 😉

Nick Sweden says:

Only Ali G can make trump look smart

Julian1981 says:

Trump comes across as a dick – and he indeed never laughs or smiles, never.

Knowan Idea says:

Thats the most presidential ive seen him

Victor C says:

Who's here after Sasha Baron Cohen trolled a far-right rally in Olympia, WA?

Danilo Pochini says:

Zen diagrams

Doi Librero says:

He trolled the President of America ha ha ha

3dgar 7eandro says:

He didn't even knew how to reed those numbers 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ya No says:

funny how everybody liked trump before media washed their heads

aljosa1308 says:

That anti drip glove was an idea ahead of its time.. now with corona it`s time to cash it in 🙂

Lorenzo P. says:

"That's a C, it means that you can't nick it"

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