How to Make Radish Prosciutto with Will Horowitz

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Will Horowitz of Ducks Eatery stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show us how to transform watermelon radishes into a vegan alternative to bresaola. After brining, smoking, and dehydrating the radishes, the result is smoky, salty, and slightly sweet flesh. Thinly sliced, it’s the perfect addition to a simple salad.

Check out the recipe for Smoked Radishes here:

and the recipe for Watermelon Radish “Prosciutto” and Melon Salad here:

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Tom Fitzgerald says:

Is it still vegan if he roasts his hand with that blowtorch?

Serriniverse says:

∂ude … Will is one of my most favorite chefs … I just interviewed him, he's recovering from COVID which is crazy … and he made the greatest sandwich I've ever tasted in my life.

Martin Iliev says:

ur butter burned a bit bro

Ebizzill says:

i dont know what he smoked but whatever he did, I want me some!

Jared Mallard says:

This guy did/said so many things that made me think wtf? After checking the comments it all makes perfect sense now lmao. Gotta love stoners.

K -Ray says:

Is this dude hammed?

Adakho Chalai says:


Gogo Nore says:

Rersh progewtuh

alice says:

this is the best video i have ever seen

zoeyp says:

everyone is saying he's stoned but this is actually drunk speech, like his mouth won't open wide enough for the words to come out

Yopi_land_fun _____ says:

Him : Next time you eat a steak try to notice the sourness

Me : If your steak taste sour it’s probs time to chuck that sh*t away

Taseen Imam says:

Dudes high as f haha!

J C says:

This is the worst replacement for meat ever. So of course he's stoned lol🤣

Kyle x says:

One cannot take radish and call it prosciutto.

Azrael Spellman says:

I like him and his recipes but he talks and sounds like a dipshit

Luis Delgado says:

What a waste of effort

Matilde says:

celeriac is also SO good as a meat subsitute because of the consistency when it's cooked a little bit!!

Jack Whittle says:

Guy sounds like he has frontal lobe damage

Fusealia Glogorious says:

We smoke sum raashes dude

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