Proper British Mushy Peas

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The written / printable recipe is here:

Mushy peas are an absolute classic of northern English cuisine. They are incredibly simple to make and they go amazingly well with fish and chips, pies, etc. I am annoyed and frustrated that people think you can just take frozen peas, boil them up, mash them and call them ‘mushy peas’. No, no, no! At best that is pea puree (and a very poor one at that). There is no mashing, squishing, crushing or any other culinary technique involved in this. Making proper British mushy peas is amazingly simple, and in this video recipe I show you how to make proper British mushy peas. Accept no substitute, and enjoy!

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Anyka Arwen says:

Who likes mushy peas and mint sauce yummmm

Be Red says:

2:25 the skin peels off because of the bicarbonate

sheeba pindi says:

Simple but clear good work

DuckllesMcFuckles says:


Tracey Bradshaw says:

Thank you for this video – I just saw a clip of someone making what they called β€œreal mushy peas” with frozen peas and was very confused. I have clear memories of my Aussie (originally from Sheffield) in-laws making them with dried peas (I can also remember the distinctive smell that told us they were cooking up a batch, before we even got to the front door). Definitely not a bright fresh green colour and reminiscent of pea soup. We actually have an infamous dish here in Adelaide known as a pie floater – consisting of a meat pie served in what these days is more of pea soup, but 20+ years ago it was more reminiscent of mushy peas. To be honest, I’ve never eaten one but to the lovers of pies and mushy peas, it’s apparently delicious!

Col Emerson says:

Bob on, mucker!

Valarie Smith says:

"it's not, idiots" made my day lol. How much bicarbonate soda do you recommend when in water overnight

camerachica73 says:

I'm a southerner and it does drive me mad when bistro pubs down here try and serve crushed garden peas with mint and call them mushy peas! Thanks for the proper recipe.

Paul Higham says:

Thank god someone knows how to make real mushy peas. Like you say in the video, most of the videos on youtube are making pea puree. Well done!

Rachel P says:

What we call field peas here in North Carolina are brown. They are the same shape and size though. I wonder where I can get these green ones. 🀞🀞 Idk if I can have peas without some black pepper, garlic, and onion though haha. As a kid I worked at a potato farm sorting potatoes. In North Carolina, outside in a big barn thing without air conditioning. Our summers get to over 100°F regularly and are super humid. Not sure how I survived lol

Jlover Yt says:

Keef you boring sod

Jerik Romero says:

Could they be done without the baking soda?

john gunning says:

Yorkshire caviar!

Or lasri says:

Can you please make more vegan recipes?

Roy Leon says:

Mushy Peas are available freshly made on Norwich Market. You can buy the fish and chips on another market stall but the Mushy Peas are delicious on their own.

laboomerang says:

Wow…. That looks a bit disgusting…

egg water says:

The second I heard your accent I knew I could trust you!! Thank you so much for the amazing recipe πŸ™‚

Our Liam says:

Laughed out loud at the idiots comment.

Simply Spaton says:

I boil mine up with a ham hough then shred it into the peas. Amazing

Jean-Luc Picard says:

41 London chefs disliked the video.

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