Vegan Burger | Tim 'Livewire' Shieff

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You Food Tubers wanted more of Tim’s brilliant vegan recipes so we got him back. Kicking off with this gorgeous burger made with sweet potato, wholesome beans and fresh flavours. 100% vegan 100% tasty. EVERYONE should try this.

What great vegan recipes do you want to see on Food Tube guys? Any ideas of your own we should try? Spill the beans (!?) in the comments box below folks.

Check out what a vegan diet and some focussed training can do for you over on Tim’s own YouTube channel:

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V – This is a Vegan recipe.

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Freakdancing says:

He's no longer vegan as of 2019

Amy Rechenberg says:

metal utensils on a non stick pan arrrghhh!

denzal wash says:

Not a vegan anymore

C_ Farther says:

While you touch that food, keep running your hands intermittently through your gorgeous hair. YUK!!!!

Carla Gonçalves says:

Sweet Potato, 1 tin mix beans, cumen, red coriander, Peper, red chill, coriander, plain flour, half lime, salt and peper

Movie News says:

cilantro, not coriander

Movie News says:

vegan burger buffet, 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 new ways to burger vegan

Marc Gratton says:

Fake News Now FAKE Meat what about MONSANTO & Bayer NO TKU

Frank Chen says:

at what point do I add the urine?

Kut0x says:

He's not vegan any more

nick b says:

i am a meat eater but i am going to try this been looking for a healthy optician for a burger

Beachcomber95 says:

I beg you don't call this a burger

Ace McLoud says:

Stop giving cocaine to the cameraman.

squange20 says:

This is great. My son used to be a meat eater and only just tolerated veggies. He gave up meat about five months ago and was eating mostly readymade veggie food, so this is very helpful, thanks.

Catarina Marques says:

Marry meeee

J. B. says:

Looks a bit wet

Gorana Trbić says:

vegan using heinz…good job tim,really 🙁

Cătălin Diaconu says:

What food processor do you use in this video, can you tell me please.

jinghern khoo says:

To be honest, I think vegan look more unhealthy, their skin lack the lustre and their hairs are usually very dried up,

Mahin Shah says:

That's awesome dude

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