WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Easy Vegetarian Meals & Recipes!!!

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Thrift Thick says:

🔎👒 Download June's Journey for free here: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1sP

George B says:

The amount of people in the comments who suddenly turn into nutritionists when someone posts a What I Ate video 🙄 glad y'all are perfect and eat exactly the right amounts of everything every day, but most of us don't and are still fine! Get over it and please like stop acting like your half-baked opinions on someone else's lifestyle matter 😂

Kirsten McTavish says:

My goodness looking at some of these comments makes me sad. This was one day of her eating, who says this is what she eats all day everyday. I feel like no matter what she would’ve ate it wouldn’t have been good enough for some of you. Quarantine is hard on all of us, and we should all just be more positive and kind

Krystal says:

Crazy how many people in your comments section are nutritionists! So many opinions. 🙄

Cassie Lovell says:

Yummy food Cassie!! I missed your channel 😍

Brandy Crook says:

Watched this video twice. Miss your mukbangs sooo much

Vivian Issawi says:

Definitely iam going to try those chocolate-caramel bite 😋😋.. I wish if I watched the video before I went to Costco today.. next trip😊

Denise Michelle says:

Is there such thing a vegan Alfredo? I cant eat dairy im super lactose intolerant😭

Eivax Charles says:

Why is this comment section so damn passive aggressive. Wtf is wrong with you people. Let her eat and do what she wants it's her channel. I read the comments and felt like I was being judged and they weren't even directed at me. STOP.

Sarah Curtice says:

Getting all my veggies in during the pandemic has been a struggle! I have also given up on having fresh options all the time. What has helped is making a huge pot of veggie soup when I do get groceries. And then put it into freezer bags and freeze them flat so they stack nicely and I can pull from them later. I also get an embarrassing amount of the Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen vegetable packs. Seriously, like 12-16 bags. 🙈 Each bag is 2 servings of vegetables and I have 1 with my dinner every night! And one of my current fav snacks is plant based protein powder (lots of them also have 1-2 servings of veggies) with almond milk and frozen fruit and a blob of nut butter. Still striving for those 5-9 servings of veggies. 😅

Batmans says:

I’d forgotten how yummy toast in the skillet is: I think it’s because the butter toasts as well as the bread ! Love your smile

Hayet Bel says:

We have almost the same diet

Caylin Carter says:

Definitely do more food related videos. I miss your mukbangs!

Sarah says:

Does anyone know if there are chocolates like the ones in the video available in the UK? They look so good!

Chantal 4107 says:

if you're going to use such a huge amount of butter to fry your bread, perhaps consider coating the bread in an egg beat up with some milk to give you some much-needed protein balance for your fat and sugar-heavy breakfast? Just a thought 🙂

Heidi S says:

…and now I will never eat toast from a toaster again. It's 1:30am couldn't sleep. Thought I'd give your toast in a skillet a try and now I'm in love…with toast 🥰 love you and your vids 🙌

Valerie Keyes says:

I think June looks like Courtney Cox. Just me? Oh, okay.

Kristina Murphy says:

That pasta dish looks phenomenal 😍

Yasmin Garcez says:

Oh to have Cassie cook you dinner and share two dark chocolate cubes with her late at night 😌🥺🤤

Julia P says:

Awesome video, I love when you make content beyond makeup! Downloaded the game too – will give it a try 🙂 The graphics are gorgeous

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