15 Minute (Or Less!) Easy Vegan Leftover Rice Recipes!

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Today’s video is a compilation of 3 different recipes using one of my favourite ingredients – RICE! These are all simple, easy, delicious and a great way to use up some leftover rice.

Recipes we are making today:
Vegan Tuna Mayo Rice
Lazy Man’s Vegan Paella Fried Rice
Vegan Egg Fried Rice

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Jalael Edwards says:

Cheap Lazy Vegan I’m looking for a food processor do you have any recommendations? I’m really lost.

Ridoy Mahamed says:

Where do you get black salt in Canada/Toronto/GTA

Julia H says:

LOL I just made clean out the fridge fried rice. Mini peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, green onions, garlic, ginger, bean sprouts, Thai basil, tofu scramble, celery seed, sriacha, toasted sesame oil.

stéphanie N says:

ahaha your pronunciation for paëlla is so cute ! it is not Pa-ya-ya but something like Paï-La ; love the recipes !!

Virgo Alchemist says:

I don't have a rice cooker Rose. 😒 You're absolutely right….what am I doin??? It's on my to do list now homegirl

vegan portugese says:

Your voice is soothing you sound like a radio broadcaster❤❤

Dave Maris says:

Hi Rose how are you? Love the new vid. Any chance you can shout out my mates website Shackoflife.com? She is a vegan nutritionist based in Singapore. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Love you, Dave

Brina H says:

Hey ! Love your videos! Just some constructive criticism- i think you would get more views if your thumbnails weren't so "crowded"(if you left more blank space in pictures, in between plates of food) and meals were presented more "separated", not with all ingredients mixed in together. This is because this way food doesn't look all mushed together and the eyes have a place to focus on the picture. Otherwise the meal is all the same colour and texture and the picture isn't that appealing. Hope you get what I mean. This is absolutely coming from a loving place. Rock on!! ❤

Chubby Mickey says:

I've heard great things about black salt, so I tried it…. Man, my farts were AWFUL. I refuse to eat it after trying multiple times and being so grossed out by the horrible fart smell.

Trina Lewis-Mondy says:

Lol… you are both funny and sweet.

Mahera Biz says:

All the rice cookers I've seen so far have a plastic bowl, but I don't want to cook plastic…

Andrea Di Marcello says:

per ogni cibo vegano tuo, uno estremamente ciccioso mio 😀

Marie Gem says:

awesome, love it, thank you🍁🍁💖💖

Mandy Roy says:

I make my rice in the Instant Pot. I love it!

Cryssie jonz says:

🌹 these recipes look yummy thank you for sharing love

Nancy Waller says:

Hmmm… maybe you should sell a "scrambled tofu" seasoning mix? Love your channel! We are eating like 95% vegan right now and you give me so much inspiration.

Team Leal says:

I’m going to make fresh rice to make these recipes. 🥰

Team Leal says:

Leftover rice? WTH is that? Seriously… 😅 we eat it all.

Jess Hencke says:

I’m going to make the fried rice for dinner, thanks for the inspo ❤️

Judith Loue says:

Whenever I cook rice I make more than I need for that meal, and freeze the rest in 2-cup portions in freezer bags. There is always cooked rice in my freezer, for super lazy days! I was happy to see this video mentioned in my email today….now to watch it for the recipes!

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