Dr David Starkey: Where Woke Culture Comes From

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Eminent historian, author and broadcaster Dr David Starkey joins us.

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We're hosting a discussion on the Coronavirus and public health, join us!

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Radek Himmer says:

What a great man.

orionstark says:

This guy seems to have forgotten the British expedition into Afghanistan and the sack of Khartoum.

Paul Richards says:

10 people died… and they are asking him about the future

Colin Bradford says:

Dr. Starkey definitely hides his lamp under a bushel in “Travels with my Father”….

Gareth Lloyd says:

Dr Starkey, offers a clear analysis of history and explains with verve and intelligence the current politics of today.

bushmanpm says:

Never forget this little treat!
Professional whiner and general marxist misandrist STARTS on David Starkey by employing that worn out, tired 'racist' jibe that is so lame if it was a horse it would be shot.
She then publicly questions his personal tax affairs so he puts her straight, in no uncertain terms and she ends up all like "wah wah wah, I'M the victim here, ME ME ME!"
Bloody GOLD! And pay attention to Davids description of himself. Working class (unlike Laurie!) also overcame mental health issues (REAL problems, Laurie!) and was gay when it was still illegal to be gay in England! This guy is a national TREASURE and MISS Penny is just a national disgrace

kaz2910 says:

Ecowank haha david is a legend

Bewley Therapy says:

Such a tremendous amount of knowledge in that head, imparted with deep wisdom. We need more men like him. He gives a remarkable example of one of the reasons why we need to revere and respect our older generations.

Giles Jazz Guitar says:

Fuck me Starkey is so narrow minded. Right wing twat

Reinbow Thorne says:

Спасибо Вам! 🌹

Pius Hälg says:

Starkey is embued with prejudice against roman catholiscim. Henry VIII broke with the roman church only because of political reasons. And the abolition of the monasteries was robbery to fill his pockets. Under his rule there was no change of religious dogma on the w hole, although protestant views were popular in som circles. The reformation was imposed on the people under his son and afterwards under his daughter Elisabeth. The reformation was therefore not the people's free choice.

Pius Hälg says:

Rousseau was not french. He was a citizen of the republic of Geneva which was aligned to the Swiss Confederacy. Being a historian he should be accurate, although one must admit that Geneva was and is still part of the francophone culture, notwithstanding the fact that Geneva in Rousseau's time was a protestant state wholly controlled by the church. After all the reformator Jean Calvin had created the first theocracy in the western world.

anatoli p says:

More power to Doc' David Starkey he is 100% right .

Lawrence Howarth says:

I also find the interviewers responses to David Starkey uncomfortable, what is this sucking up to Starkey all about?

Lawrence Howarth says:

Akala would wipe the floor with this guy. A feeble, dated intellect.

Jonathon Jubb says:

Don't have to listen to this prick any longer, bye-bye.

Godders 75 says:

but Attenbrough is an athiest

Lavinia Winter says:

How little did Dr Starkey know that he was going to be put on the pyre next? (27:55)

Nitro says:

One of the greatest homosexuals of this century…

Dr David Starkey was good too

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