Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield – BBC comedy

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An important public service announcement brought to you by the comedy legend Harry Enfield and his Chums. From BBC.

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Igor Rouzine says:

At that time, feminists had the sense of humour.

Christopher Nason says:

So we're all agreed: women should join the Old Standard.

Reckless says:

This assumes a shared contempt for people; glad I have the right to be offended or this wouldn't be funny.

Andy Nixon says:

This comments section makes me happy .

Marshal Law says:

And they think this is a comedy sketch?

Callum March says:

The 1.2K dislikes are by women who do not know their limits

Dava Roopchand says:

Blessed days. One prays, one day we can return to these pleasant times.

Rods toy box says:

Back before comedy was outlawed on Uk television.

sharperguy says:

We SHOULD return to the gold standard though.

ian macegan says:

I wonder when the apologies will start?

Gary Watson says:

Name anything without googling it that has been invented by a woman.????
Nope me neither!!!!

stevemonkey78 says:

This is true

Griffith Williams says:

Just brilliant

Steve Ryan says:

The good old days

Marina Tebbenham says:

I'm a woman and vehemently against sexism, yet I find this hilarious because it's poking fun at stereotypes.
Ultimately it's harmless and just good humour; it's a shame certain other…. Minorities can't find humour in anything what so ever, and must ruin it for the rest of us.

Zach Jones says:

BBC would explode if this was shown today.

Mihai Sandu says:

Can’t wait to see people offended by this 🙂

Terence Hennegan says:

Can you imagine how a feminist would view this brilliant comedy, furiously one would imagine.

qwertyuiopqwerty112 says:

Well and now we see what happens when the government went off the gold standard?

misfit says:

Imagine if BBC had talent like this now. There hasn’t been a decent sketch show since League of Gentlemen.

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